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Zoo and Conservation Science

The information on this page pertains to students who were admitted to Drake during the 2018-2019 academic year or were admitted to Drake prior to the 2018-2019 academic year and declared a change to the 2018-2019 catalog requirements.

Students can view the catalog year to which they belong by viewing MyDUSIS > Student Services & Financial Aid tab > Student Records link > View Student Information link. Students who do not belong to the 2018-2019 academic catalog should use the navigation menu on the left of this page to consult the requirements of their particular catalog.

Program Option

Zoo and Conservation Science Concentration

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Program Overview

This interdisciplinary concentration prepares students in a liberal arts tradition for entry level positions leading to leadership positions in zoos and conservation organizations. Coursework in this concentration is strongly interdisciplinary, drawing upon biology, psychology, and environmental science classes. Students develop technical and quantitative skills including laboratory and field methods, statistical analysis, and professional communication. Hands-on experience is a key component of this concentration. The program includes a sophomore practicum and a junior-year internship; this provides real-world experience in zoo and conservation settings and connect students with ongoing projects at the Blank Park Zoo and the Ape Cognition and Conservation Initiative, both of which are Drake partners located in Des Moines.

Drake’s Zoo and Conservation Science concentration is distinguished by its fundamental interdisciplinarity, emphasis on field experiences, opportunities for research and independent study, and service learning approach in the practicum and internship sequence. (This concentration is available only to students majoring in Biology, Environmental Science, Psychology, or Neuroscience.) Graduates of the program will be well prepared to work in work in the areas of animal behavior, wildlife rehabilitation, and animal conservation, or to pursue graduate study in diverse fields of zoological and environmental sciences.

Zoo and Conservation Science Concentration

The concentration requires completion of at least 15 credit hour that are not counted toward any other major, minor, or concentration.  The distribution of credits among departments varies due to cross-listing of courses.

Course Credits
BIO 012 - General/Pre-Professional Biology I 3
BIO 012L - General/Pre-Professional Biology I Lab 1
BIO 018 - Anatomy & Physiology 3
BIO 018L - Anatomy & Physiology Lab 1
BIO 025/PSY 024 - Animal Behavior 3
BIO 026/ENSP 026 - Ethological Methods 3
BIO 063/ENSS 063 - Zoo Biology 3
BIO 091 - Understanding Evolution, or
BIO 114 and BIO 114L - Evolution with Lab
BIO 101 - Comparative Anatomy 3
BIO 101L - Comparative Anatomy Lab 1
BIO 125/ENSS 125 - Conservation Biology 4
CHEM 001 - General Chemistry I 3
CHEM 003 - General Chemistry I Lab 1
ENSS 054/SCSR 065 - Environmental Communication 3
PSY 001 - Introduction to Psychology 4
PSY 120 and PSY 121 - Conditioning and Learning with Lab, or
PSY 060 - Principles of Behavior
PSY 123 - Biological Basis of Behavior with Lab, or
BIO 117 and BIO 118L - Ecology with Lab
BIO 099 - Research and Statistical Methods, or
PSY 010 - Research Methods and PSY 011 - Intro to Statistics
BIO 109/ENSS 109/PSY 190 - Zoo Practicum 2
BIO 159/ENSS 159/PSY 192 - Zoo Internship 3
BIO 197/ENSS 197/PSY 192 - Senior Research  

In case of higher-than-permitted duplication of coursework with other programs in which a student is enrolled, or in other appropriate circumstances, the following courses may serve as substitutes or additions, subject to the approval of the program coordinator.

Course Credits
BIO 098 - Primatology 3
BIO 103/103L - Microbiology with Lab 5
BIO 105 - Intro to Genetics 3
BIO 113/113L - Vertebrate Biology with Lab 4
BIO 119/119L - Herpetology with Lab 3
BIO 122/122L - Mammalogy with Lab 3
BIO 130/130L - Orinthology with Lab 3
ENSS 035/036 - One Earth: Global Environmental Science with Lab 4
ENSS 055 - Tropical Ecology 3
NSCI 001 - Introduction to Neuroscience 3
PSY 026 - Evolutionary Psychology 3
PSY 125 - Comparative Psychology 4
PSY 129 - Primate Cognition 3

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