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Anthropology and Sociology

Degree Option

Bachelor of Arts with an interdisciplinary major in anthropology and sociology.

Major in Anthropology and Sociology

Description of Program

The major in anthropology and sociology offers multiple perspectives to understand the individual, social interaction, culture, and society.  While having different historical origins, anthropology and sociology (our major’s “two fields”) share inquiry about how societies define and create reality, how social relations are influenced by culture, and how individuals are shaped by culture.  These disciplines critically examine how human societies construct meaning, power relations, and social difference.   Learning about variations across cultural context and how to do cultural analysis are central to the major. Drawing together biography, history and cultural narratives, the major encourages students to critically reflect on the cultural and social diversity of human experience and to seriously engage social problems.

The combined anthropology and sociology major (ANSO) includes courses in anthropology and sociology.  Students who choose the ANSO major benefit from the related yet distinct foci of the disciplines so as to better understand and participate in a world that is internationally and multiculturally linked. 

Students who major in ANSO find great opportunities to use the major.  This often begins while still at Drake, with a wide range of for-credit internships and study abroad opportunities.  The habits of the mind created through the ANSO major – critical analysis, understanding of cultural difference, a commitment to social justice issues, research methods (including fieldwork, interview, documentary film, and archival research), outstanding writing and research skills-equip students well for the future.  ANSO graduates have gone on to pursue careers through graduate study in anthropology, sociology, criminology, social work, education and legal studies.  They also find that ANSO gives them the capacity, alone or with a double major, to excel in the fields of advocacy, the arts, business, law, and elsewhere.

Requirements for Major

A minimum of 37 credit hours of anthropology and sociology courses that include the following:

  1. Two entry-level courses: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (SCSA 002) and one entry-level sociology course: choose from SCSS 1–25.
  2. Two theory-intensive courses (one sociology, one anthropology)*. Choose from: SCSA 101 and SCSS 70, SCSS080, SCSS 133, SCSS 135, SCSS 151, SCSS 170, SCSS 173, SCSS 174, SCSS 175, SCSS 176.
  3. Two methods-intensive courses (one sociology, one anthropology)*. Choose from STAT 50, SCSA 156, SCSS 77, SCSS 156, SCSS 158, SCSS 159.
  4. Senior Capstone Experience (4 credits)*. Choose SCSS 199 and Senior Experience Course.
  5. All ANSO majors should complete an additional 15 hours in anthropology and sociology. At least 15 of the 37 hours must be drawn from each disciplinary area.

To graduate with an anthropology and sociology major, students must earn grades of "C" or higher in each of the core courses (1 through 4). Students completing the anthropology and sociology major may not earn a major in sociology nor minor in either sociology or anthropology.

*Transfer courses may not be used to fulfill the theory-intensive, methods-intensive or capstone requirements.

Minor in Anthropology

Description of Program

Anthropology is the scientific and humanistic study of humanity in all times and places. The minor in anthropology at Drake focuses on cultural anthropology, which explores human beliefs and behaviors cross-culturally and historically. As such, it presents a global perspective on the varieties of human experience. At root, cultural anthropology strives to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange. The minor in anthropology at Drake provides students with an opportunity not only to more clearly understand the practices and precepts of others, but also to better understand themselves and their positions in the worlds they inhabit.

Requirements for Minor

The requirements for the anthropology minor are completion of a minimum of 18 hours of coursework in anthropology to include one entry-level course and an additional 15 hours of coursework. Up to 6 of the 18 hours of coursework may be from related disciplines or concentrations. Students who wish to take courses from related areas must petition and have the substitution approved by the anthropology adviser.

Petitions are available from anthropology and sociology faculty. To receive approval for the minor, a non-anthropology course must offer a cross-cultural, global and comparative perspective; examine a geographic area, culture or other subject in a manner amenable to cultural anthropology; or concentrate on or encourage the use of a methodological approach, theoretical framework or substantive problem that is of historical importance and/or complementary to cultural anthropology.

A maximum of 9 hours of transfer credit may be applied toward the anthropology minor.

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