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Mathematics for Secondary Education

Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees with a major in mathematics for secondary education. Graduate programs leading to the Master of Science in Education and Master of Arts in Teaching degrees in mathematics also are available through the School of Education.

Description of Program

The focus of the program is to provide the necessary mathematics content and methods for students to become mathematics teachers at the middle school to high school level.

In addition to receiving this degree in the College of Arts and Sciences, students must also complete the secondary education major in the School of Education. Students will learn theory and application of mathematics in a range of lower- and upper-level classes, as well teaching methodology appropriate for teaching at the secondary level. In addition, students will learn how to use appropriate technology in teaching.

Requirements for Major

This major is designed to furnish students with the mathematics content necessary for secondary certification in mathematics; to teach secondary mathematics, students will also need to complete the secondary education major offered in the School of Education. Students must complete the following mathematics and related courses:

  • MATH 045 (Mathematics and Technology)
  • MATH 050, 070 (Calculus I, II)
  • MATH 054 (Introduction to Discrete Mathematics)
  • MATH 080 (Linear Algebra)
  • MATH 101 (Mathematical Reasoning)
  • MATH 144 (Topics for Mathematics Teaching)
  • MATH 145 (Methods of Teaching Secondary School Mathematics)
  • MATH 153 (Modern Geometry)
  • MATH 155 (Introduction to Abstract Algebra I)
  • MATH 157 (History of Mathematics)
  • CS 065 (Introduction to Computer Science I)
  • One of the following: STAT 071 — Statistics I OR STAT 131 (Probability and Mathematical Statistics I)

The courses, Mathematics Tutoring (currently under the MATH 195 number) and MATH 125 (Mathematical Modeling), are strongly recommended.

Requirements for Minor in Mathematics for Secondary Education

A student must have a departmental minor advisor and complete the following courses: MATH 050, 054, 070, 080, 101, 153, 157, CS 065, and either STAT 071 or STAT 131. MATH 045 and MATH 145 are also recommended.

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