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Women's Studies

Description of Concentration

The women's studies concentration is a multidisciplinary program that focuses on the totality of women's experiences, with attention to the social construction of gender identity and gender relations, and the intersection of gender with other categories; namely, race, class and sexuality. Women's studies programs promote the comparative study of women and women's issues from a global perspective. The concentration is not a major but is compatible with many majors.

Women's studies concentrators choose from many disciplines to complete their concentration requirements. Only six credits may be selected from the same academic discipline.

For more information, contact the director of the Women’s Studies Program.

Requirements for Concentration

The concentration consists of 21 hours of coursework, distributed as follows:

1. WS 75/ENG 75/SCSS 75 Introduction to Women’s Studies

2. Twelve hours chosen from the following core courses:

WS 99
WS 124
WS 145

EDUC 199

ENG 66
ENG 67
ENG 77
ENG 86
ENG 88
ENG 112
ENG 120
ENG 124
ENG 126
ENG 130
ENG 135
ENG 136
ENG 152
ENG 162
ENG 164
ENG 165
ENG 168
ENG 174
ENG 178

HIST 108
HIST 115
HIST 139
HIST 156
HIST 157
HIST 159
HIST 170
HIST 170
HIST 170

HONR 122
HONR 142

HONR 145

PHIL 153
REL 151
REL 151
REL 151
REL 151
REL 155

POLS 109
POLS 112
POLS 119
POLS 176

PSY 95
PSY 95
PSY 137

SCSA 101
SCSA 150
SCSA 150
SCSA 150
SCSR 134
SCSR 134

SCSS 105
SCSS 130
SCSS 137
SCSS 150
SCSS 150
SCSS 150
SCSS 150
SCSS 150
SCSS 156
SCSS 161
SCSS 167
SCSS 173
SCSS 174
SCSS 176
SCSS 177
SCSS 180
SCSS 183

Special Topics
German Cinema
Special Topics

Adventure, Risk and Thinking

Reading Race and Ethnicity
Introduction to Asian American Literature
Reading Gender
Reading and Writing Sexuality
Reading and Writing About Class
Autobiography and Memoir
Women in Horror Films
Salem Witch Trials
World Cinema
Film Noir
Adolescent Literature
Adolescence in American Literature
19th Century American Lit
Gender and the Body Politic
Latino/a Literature
Postcolonial Literature
Storytelling as a Social Practice
Theories of Language and Discourse
Race Mixture in American Literature

Introduction to Women's History
American Indian History: 1492-1840
The New Woman: 1890-1945
Women in Revolutionary Europe: 1789-1848
Sex and Power in Peasant Society
American Women's History to 1850
History of U.S. Women since 1877
Race, Sex and Power in the American South
African-American Women in U.S. History

Fictions of Desire: Masculine/Feminine/Other
Speaking with Many Voices: A Sampling of
Native American Voices
Gender and Culture in Islam

Contemporary Ethical Problems
Feminist Ethics
Race, Religion and Civic Culture
Sexuality and the Sacred
New Voices, New Views
Women and the Hebrew Scriptures
Liberation and Feminist Theologies

Gender and War
Women and Politics
Feminist Legal Theory
Gender and World Politics

Science Ethics and Diversity
Psychology of Gender

Feminist Anthropologies
Postcolonial South Asia
Women in the Global Factory
Gender and Globalization
Rhetorics of Class
Rhetorics of the American Family

Intro to Sociology: Gender and Culture
Intro to Sociology: Society, Culture and African Americans
Race, Gender and Poverty
Contemporary Chinese Society
Women, Madness and Culture
Race, Family and Identity in the U.S.
Sociology of the Family
Constructing Normal
Global Reproductive Politics
Ethics of Transnational Adoption
Representing Race
Race and Ethnicity
Sociology of the African American Experience
Global Citizenship
Feminist Theories of Subjectivity
Documenting Lives
Gender and Violence
Social Movements
Gender Inequality

3. Three hours of Senior Seminar: Topics in Women’s Studies (seniors only). One course chosen from:

WS 195
WS 195
EDUC 198
EDUC 199

ENG 180
HIST 166
LAW 301
LAW 330
HONR 151

Space Matters II
Voices of Resistance
Educational Equity and Social Justice
Feeding the Hunger Within: Global Perspectives in
Spirituality and Learning
Literary Theory: Feminism
Women in the Western Intellectual Tradition
Women and the Law
Sexuality and the Law
Science, Cyborgs and Monsters

4. Three hours of Practicum/Praxis. Prerequisite: Minimum nine credit hours completed in Women’s Studies (with a minimum 3.0 GPA), junior or senior status, and approval of a Women’s Studies faculty adviser:

WS 191
WS 192

Internship OR
Independent Study


For more information, contact the Director of the Women's Studies Program.


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