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Entrepreneurial Management

Degree Options

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in entrepreneurial management. Minor in entrepreneurship (non-business students).

Description of Program

The entrepreneurial management major is designed for students who are interested in concepts related to starting and growing a business. Additionally, when combined with another business major, this major will help a student develop an entrepreneurial perspective relevant to any field. Students learn the process for new product or service concept generation, feasibility analysis and implementation as well as gain understanding in the leadership and management qualities of entrepreneurs.

The minor is designed for students that are not business students but have an interest in entrepreneurship. The minor addresses the role of entrepreneurship in the current economy, the nature of entrepreneurial organizations, and the demands and rewards of life as an entrepreneur. The minor will be beneficial for students who wish to further their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills as well as develop skills should they wish to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Requirements for Major

Twenty-five credits within the college and three credits outside the college

Non-business requirements:

  • PSY 1 (Psychology)

Business requirements:

  • ENTR 001 (Profiles in Entrepreneurship)
  • ENTR 101 (Entrepreneurial Leadership)
  • ENTR 150 (The Business Model)
  • ENTR 190 (Creating a Company)
  • MGMT 160 (Planning and Control of Operations)
  • MGMT 182 (Human Resource Management) or MGMT 184 (Leadership and Personal Development)
  • MKTG 106 (Promotional Management Sales) or MKTG 104 (Sales Management)
  • MKTG 118 (Marketing Management) or MKTG 180 (New Product Marketing)
  • BLAW 180 (Legal Issues of Business Org.) or BLAW 190 (Legal Topics of Current Interest) or INS 141 (Risk Management) – 3 credits

Requirements for Minor

Twenty-five credits within the business college.


  • ENTR 001 (Profiles in Entrepreneurship)
  • ECON 002 (Microeconomics)
  • ACCT 041 (Introduction to Accounting)
  • ENTR 101 (Introduction to Entrepreneurship)
  • MKTG 101 (Marketing Principles)
  • ENTR 150 (The Business Model)
  • ENTR 190 (Creating a Company)

Plus two electives from the list below:

  • HSCI 055 (Issues in HS: Entrepreneurial Leadership )
  • PHAR 174 (Applied Pharmacy Management)
  • PHAR 285 (Entrepreneurship Rotation)
  • BLAW 060 (Business Law I)
  • BLAW 180 (Legal Issues / Business Organizations)
  • MGMT 110 (Organizational Behavior)
  • MGMT 120 (Operations Management)
  • MGMT 182 (Human Resource Management)
  • MGMT 184 (Leadership and Personal Development)
  • MKTG 102 (Professional Selling)
  • MKTG 180 (New Product Marketing)
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