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Information Systems

Degree Options

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in information systems.

Description of Program

Information Systems (IS) is more than just computer programming; it is about meeting the needs of customers through the effective use of technology. Drake’s IS program provides students with the technical skills that industry requires of its employees plus an understanding of how businesses work. This clearly differentiates the IS program from the purely technical orientation of a Computer Science major.

Requirements for Major

The information systems major requires 18 credits of core courses and 9 credits of track specialization courses.

The basic core courses of the information systems major include:

  • Computer Science 65 (Introduction to Computer Science I)
  • Information Systems 74 (Advanced IT Applications for Business)
  • Information Systems 80 (Visual Basic)
  • Information Systems 145 (Website Technology)
  • Information Systems 150 (Network Management)
  • Information Systems 160 (Database Management)

All candidates must also satisfy the requirements of the Drake Curriculum.

Information systems majors must select a track consisting of nine credit hours from a single discipline in business other than information systems. It is suggested the track courses are taken during a student's junior and senior years. The student’s adviser must approve the track selections.

Requirements for Concentration

The information systems concentration provides students with an opportunity to enhance their ability to use information technology to solve business problems. The courses in the concentration focus on increasing skills for business end users and are a great addition to any business major.

Choose three of the following five courses:

  • Information Systems 074 – Advanced IT Applications for Business
  • Information Systems 080 – Visual Basic
  • Information Systems 145 – Website Technology
  • Information Systems 150 – Network Management
  • Information Systems 160 – Database Management

A GPA of 2.00 in the three courses is required to receive credit for the concentration.

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