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Degree Options

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a major in management.

Description of Program

Professional managers are a distinct and essential group in modern society who are responsible for maintaining and improving organizational effectiveness. The management major prepares students for the challenging task of directing people and activities in today’s private, public and not-for-profit organizations. Those who study this field at Drake are grounded in the theories, concepts, practices and ethical concerns of contemporary management and emerging trends. Management students learn how organizations are designed and administrated, how people behave as members of an organization, and how employees are compensated, motivated and protected. They learn how organizations measure and improve performance and how they make strategic advances in a competitive marketplace. They study leadership and assess and develop their personal leading skills. In addition, they are exposed to the issues and challenges of managing organizations in a global economy.

Many students choose management as a second major in which case they often begin their career in a position related to their first major, but with accelerated opportunities for advancement. Those whose primary focus is management may attain positions in human resource departments, operations, customer service, purchasing and sales; they work as franchise managers, management consultants, department managers; and they work in diverse industries from financial services to manufacturing to retail.

Requirements for Major

Twenty-four credits within the college and 3 credits outside the college.

Non-business requirements:

  • Psychology 1

Business requirements:

  • Management 145 (Organizational Design and Development)
  • Management 160 (Planning and Control of Operations)
  • Management 170 (International Management)
  • Management 182 (Human Resource Management)
  • Management 184 (Leadership and Personal Development)
  • Accounting 125 (Managerial Accounting) (recommended) or
    Accounting 115 (Cost Accounting)

Six credits in an area of special interest

To complete their program of study, management majors must select two courses (6 credits) beyond the management core from other disciplines in the College of Business and Public Administration. The two courses must be in the same field. In exceptional cases, fields outside the college may be selected (2 courses or six credits from the same field) as approved by the department. The area of special interest should reinforce professional development and career objectives of the student.

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