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Broadcast News

Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication with a major in broadcast news.

Description of Program

Electronic media students select one of two tracks: broadcast news or radio-television producing. Coursework during the first two years is similar. Specialization occurs during the last two years.

All electronic media students learn techniques and disciplines of pre-production, studio and field production, and post-production, especially digital audio and video editing.

Broadcast news enrolls about 35 students with 10 to 12 students in each upper-level course.

Accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Drake is among 111 accredited programs nationwide. To earn accreditation, schools meet 9 standards, which address such issues as class size, diversity, student services and curriculum. Accreditation reviews occur every 6 years. Drake’s program has been continuously accredited, most recently in 2011.

Requirements for Major

Thirty-five journalism credits with 3 journalism elective hours (optional) and 3 non-journalism courses are required to complete the broadcast news major.

Suggested progression of classes:

All classes are 3 credit hours except when indicated ( )

Broadcast News

First-Sophomore Years


Junior-Senior Years

JMC 030

Communications in Society


JMC 067

Digital Audio Writing & Production

JMC 031(1)

Multimedia Lab


JMC 073

Radio News Reporting and Editing

JMC 040(1)

Pre-professional Workshop


JMC 100

Television Field Photography

JMC 054

Reporting and Writing Principles


JMC 104

Communications Law and Ethics

JMC 057

Video Production


JMC 173

Broadcasting Public Affairs

JMC 066

Media Responsibility Over Time


JMC 193

Broadcast News Practicum

JMC 098

Advanced Reporting for Print and Online



JMC electives up to 3 credits

POLS 001

American Political Systems


HIST 076

American History 1877 to Present

SCSS 001

Survey of Sociology




Students must also:

  • Meet all requirements of the Drake Curriculum.
  • Complete a minimum of 124 total credit hours.
  • Complete 86 credit hours outside of the SJMC course list; 65 of those hours must be in Arts and Sciences.
  • Declare an Area of Concentration with their SJMC advisor.
  • Maintain a 2.0 grade point average during the first 30 hours at Drake and a 2.25 after the 30th hour.

Students should see Graduation Requirements and Regulations sections of the catalog for additional information.

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