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Elementary Education

Degree Options

Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in elementary education.

Description of Program

This program develops highly qualified teachers at the elementary level. The School of Education supports subject endorsements at the elementary level (K-8) in art, early childhood, English/language arts, mathematics, reading, history, science, special education (second endorsement only), social studies, theater and communications studies, unified (early childhood with emphasis on special education), Spanish, French, German and English as a second language (K-12 endorsement). Endorsement course requirements vary according to discipline and state requirements. Add-on endorsements are also available for middle school (6-8) and coaching (K-12).

Requirements for Major

  • 124 credit hours
  • Drake Curriculum (AOI) requirements
  • Professional education requirements
  • Teaching endorsement(s) requirements (at least one endorsement)
  • Subject area minimum requirements for elementary endorsements (24 credits)
  • In accordance with new requirements from the Iowa Department of Education, students beginning this program in or after Fall 2011 will be required to take two math courses in addition to EDUC 126, Methods of Teaching Elementary Math.

Approved endorsement programs are currently available in art, early childhood education, unified early childhood education (early childhood education with an emphasis in special education), English/language arts, English as a Second Language (ESL: K-12), history, mathematics, reading, rhetoric and communication studies/theatre, science, special education (second endorsement only), social studies, Spanish, French, and German. Add-on endorsements are also available for middle school (6-8) and coaching (K-12). Other endorsement programs may become available. Specific requirements and program descriptions are available from the Teaching and Learning Department in the School of Education. Elementary majors also must have at least 53 to 54 credit hours in the School of Education, including the following Professional Education courses.

Pre-professional Coursework Credit Hours
EDUC 1 (Introduction to Education) (optional)
15 credit hours must be completed before registration for
EDUC 103 (Foundations of Education)
(40-hour practicum required)
SPED 120 (Introduction to Special Education) 3
EDUC 105 (Human Development Elementary/Early Childhood) 3
EDUC 107 (Learning and Assessment) 3
EDUC 109 (Educational Technology) 2
EDUC 164 (Perspectives on Race, Gender and Ethnicity) 3
Total 17-18
Professional Coursework
(Requires admission to Teacher Education Program)
Credit Hours
EDUC 122 (Curriculum and Pedagogy) 3
EDUC 123 (Physical Education and Health in the Elementary School) 2
EDUC 124 (Literature of Childhood and Youth) 3
EDUC 125 (Teaching of Science) 3
EDUC 126 (Teaching of Mathematics) 3
EDUC 128 (Teaching of Social Studies) 3
EDUC 137 (Literacy Methods for Primary Grades (K-3)) 3
EDUC 139 (Literacy Methods for the Intermediate Grades) 3
Total 23
Professional Semester
(Requires admission to Student Teaching and senior standing)
Credit Hours
EDUC 165 (Instruction and Management in the Elementary Grades) 1
EDUC 166 (Elementary Student Teaching Practicum) 11
EDUC 169 (Electronic Portfolio Seminar) 1
Total 13
Note that the professional semester is a full-time, intensive experience; students should not register for other courses or have other extracurricular activities that would conflict with full-time study without written permission of the Student Teaching Committee.  
Additional Requirements Credit Hours

EDUC 083 (Introduction to Art Education)
Music 015 (General Music in Elementary Schools)


EDUC 113 (Art Integration in Elementary Schools)

Two mathematics or statistics courses 6
Two history courses 6
Seven hours in life, physical, and earth sciences 7
Psychology or Sociology 3
Total 25-28
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