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Global Ambassador Certificate Program

The information on this page pertains to students who were admitted to Drake during the 2018-2019 academic year or were admitted to Drake prior to the 2018-2019 academic year and declared a change to the 2018-2019 catalog requirements.

Students can view the catalog year to which they belong by viewing MyDUSIS > Student Services & Financial Aid tab > Student Records link > View Student Information link. Students who do not belong to the 2018-2019 academic catalog should use the navigation menu on the left of this page to consult the requirements of their particular catalog.

Program Options

Program Overview

The Global Ambassadors Certificate Program, part of The Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship, is designed to complement a student's central program of academic study.  The purposes of the Global Ambassadors Program are to provide students with the following:

  1. A combination of concentrated study, personal experience and reflection that will inform their understanding of global issues and perspectives,
  2. The intercultural skills that will allow them to make the most of future international opportunities in business, the professions or public service.

Upon completion of the program, students will receive a certificate that recognizes their achievement and the activities in which they engaged. A notation acknowledging their successful completion of the program also will appear on the student's academic transcript.

Global Ambassador Certificate

Students must apply for the Global Ambassadors Program and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.  Undergraduate students from any school or college are eligible to apply.  To receive a certificate, students need to meet a set of requirements combining academic and co-curricular experiences.

Requirement Credits/ Hours
WLC 148 - Intercultural Communication* 3
Complete two semesters of World Languages and Cultures language study or an equivalent amount of training through study abroad or college transfer credits** 2-6 credits
Complete any credit-bearing study abroad experience. This may include semester- or year-long programs, summer international study seminars or an internship experience abroad that has been accepted for Drake credit. TBD
A minimum of 50 work hours (not credit hours) of service learning. This requirement is often met by volunteering for a local community group or organization with an international focus. The Center Director will make available a pre-approved list of organizations. Students also may propose their own volunteer or internship experience, including experiences in other cities or countries (e.g., internship or volunteer experiences connected to study abroad). 50 hours
Regular attendance at CGC-sponsored events, other internationally-oriented events on campus or in the community (at least four events per semester) and regular participation in the activities of the Global Ambassador program TBD
Global Ambassador Capstone Experience (2 credits) As a culmination of the Global Ambassador program, students will participate in a group learning experience designed to put the concept of global citizenship into practice by educating the campus and/or community about a global issue or a cultural perspective. The capstone project should be completed in a student's senior year. Students will register for the capstone as independent study credit (2 credits). As an alternative to the group project, students may fulfill the senior capstone requirement by taking (when available) SCSS 173: Global Citizenship (3 credits) and POLS 123: Grassroots Globalism (4 credits) 2-4 credits
Total 7-13 credits, 50+ other hours TBD

* An equivalent course from study abroad may be substituted.
** Pre-college training (e.g., high school) in a second language other than English may not be substituted for this requirement.

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