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Theatre - Directing

The information on this page pertains to students who were admitted to Drake during the 2018-2019 academic year or were admitted to Drake prior to the 2018-2019 academic year and declared a change to the 2018-2019 catalog requirements.

Students can view the catalog year to which they belong by viewing MyDUSIS > Student Services & Financial Aid tab > Student Records link > View Student Information link. Students who do not belong to the 2018-2019 academic catalog should use the navigation menu on the left of this page to consult the requirements of their particular catalog.

Program Option

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) with a major in Theatre - Directing

Theatre Arts department web site

Program Overview

The directing program provides a solid theatre education experience. Directing students serve as assistants to faculty directors and are given the opportunity to direct main stage productions.

B.F.A. Degree Requirements

The all-encompassing nature of the curriculum ensures students understand the workings of all areas of production. Students apply their knowledge in classroom directing assignments, and working alongside faculty directors as assistant directors. In addition, upperclass students have the opportunity to submit proposals to direct both Student Theatre Production and Main Stage productions as part of the Drake Theatre season.

Course Credits
THEA 003 - Acting I 3
THEA 004 - Acting II 3
THEA 005 - Readings in Theatre 3
THEA 014 - Movement I 2
THEA 015 - Movement II 2
THEA 020 - Voice I 2
THEA 021 - Voice II 2
THEA 030 - Stagecraft (including lab) 4
THEA 031 - Costuming (including lab) 4
THEA 032 - Makeup 3
THEA 055 - Acting III 3
THEA 103 - Directing I 3
THEA 104 - Directing II 3
THEA 120 - Theatre History I 3
THEA 121 - Theatre History II 3
THEA 124 -Technical Practicum 1
THEA 160 - Stage Management 3
THEA 165 - Project in Theatre [Directing] 1-3
THEA 190 - Senior Capstone 1
Theatre electives* 12
Literature courses** 9
General electives*** 12
Total: 84

*A minimum of 12 credits is required for the degree.

**9 credits of Literature courses are required (3 of those credits in a Shakespeare course). These courses may also be used to fulfill an Area of Inquiry (A.O.I).

*A minimum of 12 credits is required for the degree.

2018-2019 Drake University Undergraduate Catalog
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