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EDMA Credit Hour Requirements

Drake University Continuing Education & Professional Development

Federal Definition of a Graduate Credit Hour:

1-Credit Hour = 15 instructor-led/seat time hours + *30 hours of outside work = 45 hours 

2-Credit Hours = 30 instructor-led/seat time hours + *60 hours of outside work = 90 hours  

3-Credit Hours = 45 instructor-led/seat time hours + *90 hours of outside work = 135 hours  

4-Credit Hours = 60 instructor-led/seat time hours + *120 hours outside work = 180 hours  

*The syllabus needs to clearly define out-of-class work. 

EDMA Credit Use

  • EDMA credit may be transferrable into certain Drake University School of Education graduate programs with advisor approval.
  • EDMA credit can be used for recertification and salary advancement.

Examples of what constitutes out-of-class work

The below list is meant to act as a guide when determining what can be counted as work done outside of class. This list can be used when identifying or developing courses that could be classified as EDMA.

Out-of-Class Activities 

  • Group work (small group/large group)
    • Discussion (face-to-face and/or electronic)
    • Presentations to outside groups/constituents (school boards, parent, students)
    • Research
    • Collaboration 

  • Implementation
    • Application of course content in the participant's classroom or within their school/district
    • Training of peers
    • Modeling
    • Technology integration 

  • Multimedia – viewing and/or generating
    • Video (DVD, YouTube/online clips, Vodcasts)
    • Audio (Podcasts, web-based audio) 

  • Project-based assignments
    • Development of classroom materials
    • Portfolio entries and additions
    • Data collection and synthesis
    • Interviewing teachers or experts in a particular area 

  • Presentations
    • Individual presentations to outside groups/constituents (school boards, parents, students)
    • Poster Sessions
    • Conferences/Clinics 

  • Reading (hardcopy or online)
    • Textbook(s)
    • Periodicals
    • Handouts

  • Writing
    • Journal entries
    • Short responses/reactions
    • Formal papers
    • Book/article reviews
    • Reflections
    • Lesson plans