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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does a student get an additional transcript?

A. Transcript ordering information may be found online by Clicking Here.

Q. Do my students receive 1098T/Tax information?

A. Drake students who are enrolled in a degree seeking program who are U.S. Citizens WILL get a 1098T, available for printing through the Drake Student Portal (myDrake). Students not in a degree seeking program will not. For questions about 1098Ts, contact Student Records

Q. What if I have questions about writing my syllabus? Is there someone that can help me?

A. You are encouraged to first contact your Professional Development Department within the AEA where you are teaching. However, Chuck Sengstock may be able to answer your questions as well. He may be reached at: (515) 271-2184 or

Q. Who do students contact if they are interested in applying for admission into a School of Education graduate degree or endorsement program?

A.  Please have interested students contact Lisa Wyatt: 

Lisa Wyatt
Graduate Admission, School of Education
Collier-Scripps Hall 221
2702 Forest Ave
Des Moines, IA  50311

Q. How do I contact Continuing Education & Professional Development?

A. See the Contact Continuing Education & Professional Development page on this web site or call 1-800-76-TEACH.

Q. Will my students automatically get a transcript once they complete their course?

A. Yes, one transcript is sent free of charge to the student's home once the course is completed.

Q. How do I count contact hours and outside of class hours when developing my course? 

A. For each hour of graduate credit offered, there must be a minimum of 15 instructor-led hours and 30 hours of work outside of class. Please keep in mind you need a total of 45 hours per credit hour, thus, if the instructor-led portion of your course meets more than 15 hours you may count any time past the initial 15 contact hours towards the out-of-class work. 

Q. How do I know how much time I should allow for reading, writing and other outside of class activities? 

A. Please check with your AEA or call us directly related to this. 

Q. Do students need to keep a log of out of class hours and report them to me/the instructor? 

A. No, they do not need to report to you/the instructor the amount of time they spend completing the assignments. 

Q. How can EDMA credit be used? 

A. It can be used* the following ways:

  • Relicensure
  • Salary Advancement
  • As an elective in a graduate degree program (with advisor approval)

*Students should always check in advance to make sure the course they are taking will count in the way they wish.