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Heartland AEA 11 Instructor Materials

Below are documents and information for AEA 11, Drake University Extension Education instructors. Please download and use as needed.  All documents are in.pdf format.

Continuing Education

    ● Continuing Education Website:

    ● Personnel:

            Chuck Sengstock - Director   515-271-2184

            Terry Thorpe - Manager 515-271-3976

Stipend Guidelines

Stipend payments will be processed when:

    ● Drake has been notified that course documentation has been submitted to Heartland AEA 11.

    ● Current Vita (within 5 years) and an Agreement form are be on file in the Drake CEPD office.

Please note:

    ● Payments will be made directly to the instructor(s) unless otherwise noted.

    ● If multiple instructors  - payment will be divided equally between all instructors.

    ● If stipend is not to be paid to instructor(s) please contact .

    ● A 1099 will be mailed each January to those who have earned $600 or more the previous calendar year.

Independent Contractor Agreement Form

    ● New instructors must complete an Agreement Form and submit it to

    ● Terry Thorpe

            ● Fax: 515-271-4812

            ● E-mail:

            ● Mail to:

                    Terry Thorpe
                    Drake University
                    Continuing Education
                    3206 University
                    Des Moines, IA  50311

 Transcript Information

Official transcripts will be mailed to students’ home within two weeks of Drake receiving grades from Heartland

    ● Information for additional copies can be found at:

    ● Questions: contact  Student Records 515-271-2025

Incomplete (I) Grades

   ● Students have a maximum of ONE ADDITIONAL SEMESTER to complete the required coursework.  The final grade must be submitted after the outstanding work is graded.  If the coursework is not completed in the allotted time, the student will receive an “F”.   

    ● “I” (Incomplete) grades should only be given when absolutely necessary.

    ● Questions: Contact Terry Thorpe at 515-271-3976