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Baseball Coaching 401 (EDEX 273)

This course will not be offered after the Summer 2014 term.  Click here for details.

Course Overview

3 Semester Hours of Credit

Baseball Coaching 401 was designed to assist high school baseball coaches in developing a program from the ground up. The course will explore fundamental individual skill development as well as team concepts necessary for building a successful program. Students will complete readings and view video presentations from experts in the field and be able to apply what they have learned to their own programs.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop a personal coaching style
  • Establish a set of priorities and principles for your program
  • Establish a successful high school program
  • Utilize practical and innovative practice techniques
  • Develop solid throwing fundamentals
  • Develop solid pitching fundamentals
  • Work with players to develop hitting fundamentals
  • Master key bunting fundamentals
  • Master base running fundamentals
  • Develop and integrate team concepts
  • Practice, develop and integrate infield fundamentals
  • Master teaching outfield fundamentals
  • Master catching fundamentals
  • Analyze and synthesize various aspects of coaching baseball fundamentals
  • Outline and evaluate the fundamental elements of your coaching program

Textbook: The Baseball Coaching Bible, Jerry Kindall & John Winkin (editors)


Steve Hanson, Marshalltown High School