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Coaching Basketball: Building a Culture of Competitiveness, Respect, and Togetherness in your Basketball Program (EDMA 255)


Course Dates: Feb. 1 - April 16

Registration Deadline is January 31, 2019

Cost: $625.00 (not including the cost of the textbook)

3 hours of graduate credit

Online Course Description
Learn about successful basketball coaching through a person-first/team-first perspective.  This self-paced class will allow you to reflect on your coaching practices and challenge you to be the best leader for your basketball program through honing your leadership skills to better enable you to build your program through the development of a positive, winning team culture along with increasing your basketball IQ.  Videos and readings embedded into the curriculum of this course will stretch your mind to reflect on current practices and best-practice leadership.

Coaching basketball is a class for all students who want to grow both as a coach and a leader.  The unique set-up of this class will help current head coaches grow and aspiring head coaches a blue print for success both in games and in community relationships.

This is a self-paced course. However, you are required to schedule two virtual meetings with your instructor – one at mid-term, one at end of course

Kramer, M. and Montgomery, R. (2012) The Best-Laid Plans of the High School Basketball CEO: A coach's guide to seeking and securing, building and maintaining a successful program. Indianapolis, IN: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC. ISBN: 978-1457508080

Gordon, J. (2007). The energy bus: 10 rules to fuel your life, work, and team with positive energy. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. Print ISBN: 9780470100288, Ebook ISBN: 97804701174152.


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