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Real Coaching II: Honing the Competitive Edge (EDMA 250)

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Not offered for Spring.

Graduate Credit-3 semester hours, $660.00 (not including the cost of the textbook)‌

Online Course Description
Real Coaching II: Honing the Competitive Edge presents a thorough and systematic means for rejuvenating and strengthening your approach to coaching. In the course, you will develop a coaching philosophy, learn goal setting, organization, evaluation, and communication strategies designed to help you, your assistant coaches, and your players hone the competitive edge. 

Based on the latest concepts of designing practices and motivating your players through mental skills training, Real Coaching II is devoted to ways of fine-tuning arousal levels to achieve maximum competitiveness. The course concludes with a three-part final project that brings together all aspects of your learning: you will develop your own personalized action plan to achieve excellence in your sport.

Video Introduction to Real Coaching II


Feedback from Past Participants:

"This is a great course for helping veteran coaches re-analyze what they are currently doing and great for young coaches to learn about all the 'little things' it takes to be successful." 

 "This class was very well constructed and allowed me to expand my coaching thoughts and ideas beyond what I ever imagined. It took a little getting used to being an on-line course, my first one, but everyone was very helpful and this on-line course was well designed and easy to get used to."

Instructor: Justin Johnson

Students in this course are responsible for purchasing or renting their own copy of the following text.

Sports Psychology for Coaches
Damon Burton, Thomas D. Raedeke
Human Kinetics
ISBN: 0736039864

This course may not run as scheduled if we do not reach our minimum number of registrations. Should this occur, all registered students will have the option of receiving a full refund OR rolling the registration over into the following semester.