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Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Improving Student Achievement (EDEX 166)

3 Semester Hours of Graduate Credit

Course Overview

With this course, you'll join educational experts and master teachers in an exploration of classroom strategies that will improve student achievement.

With Dr. Jane Bluestein, author of 21st Century Discipline, you will learn how to use boundaries to guide student behavior.

With Dr. Hanoch McCarty, author of A 4th Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul, you will learn how to reach out to students and involve them in the learning process.

With Dr. William Glasser, author of Every Student Can Succeed, you will learn how to create a classroom without failure.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Manage student behavior with boundaries instead of punishment.
  • Create a safe, positive learning environment that fosters learning and responsibility.
  • Use stories to increase student comprehension and retention.
  • Connect with students who are resisting your best efforts to help them succeed in school.

In the videos for this course, you will see dozens of strategies demonstrated that enhance student achievement at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels. In this course, you will create a blueprint to raise the learning level for all of your students.

This course is available in VHS or DVD format.


This course is offer through Quality Educational Programs, Inc.