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Purposeful Learning Through Multiple Intelligences (EDEX 189)

3 Semester Hours of Graduate Credit

Course Overview

Gain an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of each of the intelligences. Understand the diverse strategies for teaching thought the intelligences and develop various entry points for integrating the intelligences into a school-wide program.

Understand the Multiple Intelligences.

  • Identify your own multiple intelligences profile.
  • Understand how Gardner's research has identified the intelligences and the criteria upon which the intelligences are validated.
  • Recognize how others express multiple intelligences.

Explore Individual Intelligences.

  • Identify the subcapacities (skill sets) of each of the multiple intelligences.
  • Understand the full dimension of each of the intelligences by experiencing them through various activities.
  • Identify instructional strategies used to enhance and support the multiple intelligences.

Incorporate the Intelligences into your classroom.

  • Design lessons that integrate the multiple intelligences with course content.
  • Learn how to support the multiple intelligences though aspects of your classroom environment.

Create school-wide integrated plans.

  • Understand the myths and realities of applying multiple intelligences with other reforms such as Centers, Portfolios, and Thematic Instruction.
  • Integrate multiple intelligences into your school's existing school reform.


This course is offered through Performance Learning Systems. PLS instructors are experienced classroom teachers and possess excellent facilitation skills.




$440 (Plus a $35 materials fee)