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Fall 2015 Activities

The Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship at Drake University‚Ä®
Summer/Fall 2015 Speaker and Film Series‚Ä®
All events are free and open to the public

July 7: David Skidmore
Topic: After the Umbrella Revolution: Which Direction for Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement?
Location:  Des Moines Public Library, 1000 Grand Ave.
Time: noon-1 p.m.
Sponsors: Iowa International Center and PFGCGC
David Skidmore is Professor of Political Science at Drake University and directs the Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship and the Nelson Institute for Diplomacy and International Affairs, both at Drake. He has visited China many times - most recently with a group of Drake students in May/June, 2015 - and served as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Hong Kong in 2010-2011.

September 14: Dan Woodman
Topic: Creating Adulthoods in a Changing World: Who Are the Millennials?
Location: Sussman Theater, Olmsted Center, Drake University
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Sponsor: PFGCGC
Variously called the Millennials or Generation Y, the young people born in the 1980s-1990s are coming of age in changing times. Around the Western World, and increasingly beyond, higher education is becoming the norm, new digital technology are ubiquitous, and livelihoods and lives must be created in an interconnected global economy and cultural sphere. On many measures today’s young people (at least in many countries) are the healthiest and safest generation ever. Yet they transition to adulthood in an age of global economic turmoil, precarious youth labour markets, the threat of potentially catastrophic climate change and terrorism, and a virtual tsunami of mental health challenges. In the wake of changes often set in motion by their parents’ generation, they are struggling to redefine adulthood to fit the times. Drawing on ten years of working on a longitudinal study of Australian youth, and making comparisons to the experience of youth in North America and other parts of the globe, Dr Dan Woodman will discuss the challenges and opportunities that are shaping the current generation. In particular, he will show how their attitudes towards education, employment and relationships differentiate them from the generations that came before but also how values of friendship, family and security can create ties across the generations. The audience will learn if the Millennials live up (or down) to the hype presented in the media and popular discourse.

Dan Woodman is the TR Ashworth Senior Lecturer and Discipline Chair (head) of Sociology in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. He is Vice President of The Australian Sociological Association and also Vice President for Australia, New Zealand and Oceania of the Research Committee for the Sociology of Youth within the International Sociological Association. His work focuses on the sociology of youth and generations, social change, and the impact of insecure work and variable employment patterns on people’s relationships. His recent books include Youth and Generation (Sage, with Johanna Wyn) and the four volume collection Youth and Young Adulthood (Routledge, with Andy Furlong), and the edited collection Youth Cultures, Transitions, and Generations: Bridging the Gap in Youth Research(Palgrave, with Andy Bennett).

Sept. 20: International Film: Granito: How to Nail a Dictator  (2011, Dir. Pamlea Yates)*
Location: Sussman Theater, lower level of Olmsted Center
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Sponsors: Evans Foundation, WLC and PFGCGC

September 30: Ray McGovern and Coleen Rowley
Topic: Use and Abuse of U.S. Intelligence
Location: Olin 101
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Sponsors: Iowa Veterans For Peace, Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility, American Friends Service Committee and PFGCGC
Ray McGovern
 is a retired CIA officer turned political activist. He was a CIA analyst from 1963 to 1990, and in the 1980s chaired National Intelligence Estimates and prepared the President's Daily Brief.

Coleen Rowley, an Iowa native, is the retired FBI agent who blew the whistle after 9/11 on the FBI’s failures.Rowley received the TIME "Person of the Year" award in 2002.She was also the first to receive the Sam Adams award in 2002, an award instituted by McGovern which annually recognizes an intelligence professional who has taken a stand for integrity and ethics.

October 6:  Fatima Suleman
Topic: Multicultural Approaches to Medicine Use: What Does the Research Say?
Location: Des Moines Central Library, 1000 Grand Ave., Des Moines
Time:  Noon - 1 p.m.
This talk is part of the Iowa International Center Dialogue Series
The Iowa International Center Dialogue Series engages local and national professionals in conversations on global and community issues that affect Iowa and highlight Iowa’s connections abroad.  Suleman's program will focus on the need for sensitivity and awareness on behalf of the healthcare professional when communicating with and counseling a patient.
In multicultural settings, patients and their families bring many different cultural models of
morality, health, illness, healing and kinship to clinical encounters. Religious convictions and
cultural norms play significant roles in framing interactions between health care
providers and patients. A more informed understanding of these issues is needed to better
recognize the role of ethnicity, culture, religion and gender in shaping health care decisions.

Fatima Suleman, Associate Professor in the Discipline of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the
online Masters program at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa), will present
this program. Fatima is Drake University’s Global Practitioner in Residence during the
2015-16 school year. She will be affiliated with Drake’s College of Pharmacy and Health
Sciences, collaborate with the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the Global and
Comparative Public Health concentration, and advise the Drake International staff on
engaging with the University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. Fatima has extensive experience
working with the World Health Organization.

October 8:  Alfredo Lopez

Topic: Afro-Indigenous Hondurans in Resistance:  U.S. Drug War, Violent Displacement, & Migration
Location: Meredith 101, Drake University
Time: 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Sponsors: Witness for Peace and PFGCGC
Since the 2009 military coup, murders and attacks against Honduran human rights defenders have reached alarming levels. Indigenous communities, including the Garífuna, have been among those targeted. The U.S. continues to send tens of millions of dollars in Drug War aid to the Honduran police and military who have been involved in human rights abuses and to back projects that lead to displacement and migration. Alfredo López works with OFRANEH (the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras) to protect and defend the Garífuna people’s right to their culture and ancestral land on the Caribbean coast. Lopez will discuss his people’s struggle against the negative impacts of tourism and other mega-projects and the role of state security forces in displacement and Honduran migration.

Oct. 11: International Film: Distancia (2012, Dir. Sergio Ramírez)*
Location: Sussman Theater, lower level of Olmsted Center
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Sponsors: Evans Foundation, WLC and PFGCGC
The event will feature a discussion with Distancia director Sergio Ramírez.

October 14: 7th Annual Heartland Global Health Consortium Conference
Topic: Educating for Sustainable Global Health (click above to register)
Location: Upper Olmsted Center, Drake University
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Sponsors: Heartland Global Health Consortium, Central College, PFGCGC
Dr. Fatima Suleman will serve as keynote speaker for the Heartland Global Health Consortium Conference.  Suleman has vast research and consulting experience on public health policy for governments and international organizations. She has also hosted, placed and monitored Drake pharmacy and health sciences students in service and professional placements in community settings in South Africa for many years. Her talk on “The Other Side of the Coin” will examine service and experiential learning from the standpoint of the institutional and community partners on the receiving end and how we can improve outcomes and sustainability for those partners while achieving the learning outcomes we seek for our students. 

Suleman is an Associate Professor in the Discipline of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the online Masters program at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa). She is serving as a Global Practitioner-in Residence with Drake’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences this semester.  For more information on the conference and to register, please click here.

October 22, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson
Topic: Governing Under the Influence: Are Pentagon Contractors Driving US Foreign Policy?
Location: Olin 101, Drake University
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Sponsors: Iowa Veterans For Peace, Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility, American Friends Service Committee and PFGCGC
Lawrence Wilkerson
is a retired United States Army Colonel and former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. An expert in foreign policy, Wilkerson is an outspoken critic of the Obama and Bush administration’s policies in the Middle East. A member of the Republican Party, he is a regular expert commentator on television news talk shows providing analysis and opinion. He has recently been speaking about the excessive influence of the weapons contractors in policy making.

October 23: UNA Climate Change Forum

Location: Reading Room, Cowles Library, Drake University (click above to register)
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Sponsors: Iowa United Nations Association, PFGCGC
The Iowa United Nations Association in partnership with the Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship at Drake and ten other sponsors will host a daylong conference.  See schedule and other details at:
The October 23 forum – the eighth community forum  held in cities across Iowa in 2015 – will preview the Paris conference, describe the sustainable Development Goals and promising climate initiatives, and present opportunities for action.

Mary Christina Wood, Philip H. Knight Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program, University of Oregon, will speak on atmospheric trust litigation, an innovative legal effort to compel governments worldwide to address the climate crisis. Chris Whatley, Executive Director of the United Nations Association of the USA, will address the UN’s role in combatting climate change in its 70th anniversary year.  Todd Edwards, Climate Change Officer at The Stanley Foundation, will describe the groundswell of actions by governments at all level, businesses, and civil society that parallels the formal UN process.  Bishop Richard Pates of Des Moines will present climate change as the pre-eminent moral issue of our time.

Nov. 1: International Film: Living on One Dollar (2013, Dir. Chris Temple, et. al.)*
Location: Sussman Theater, lower level of Olmsted Center
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Language: English and some Spanish with English subtitles
Sponsors: Evans Foundation, WLC and PFGCGC

November 2: Panel Discussion: Careers in International Relations
Location: Sussman Theater, Olmsted Center
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Sponsor: Nelson Institute for Diplomacy and International Affairs

Panelists:  Ambassador Ronald McMullen, currently Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Iowa, served as U.S. Ambassador to the State of Eritrea.  McMullen has over 30 years of diplomatic experience and has lived, worked, or traveled in 91 countries.  In Burma he worked closely with Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and pro-democracy groups. While posted in Fiji he helped prevent civil conflict after an armed takeover of parliament.  He was shot at during a riot in Sri Lanka and helped train mongooses to detect heroin.  He survived a voodoo curse in the Dominican Republic and took Hillary Clinton on a tour of South Africa’s Robben Island with Nelson Mandela.  Between foreign assignments, McMullen served for three years as Visiting Professor at the Military Academy at West Point, where he taught International Relations and Comparative Politics.  He was Diplomat-In-Residence at the University of Texas at Austin 2010-2012.  He has authored many scholarly works and is a three-time recipient of the State Department’s Superior Honor Award.  A native of Northwood, Iowa, he earned his BA from Drake University and his doctorate in political science from the University of Iowa.

Zachary Nunn served as the Director of Cybersecurity Policy on the National Security Council, White House, where he helped author two Presidential Policy Directives on cyber response options for the US Government.  A career intelligence officer, Nunn stood-up the Director on National Intelligence's Counter-Intelligence Office for Cyber - prioritizing US resources against hostile foreign state actors. Formerly, as Chief of Operations for Embassy Security, Nunn supervised $25 billion in new embassy construction in Beijing, London, Moscow and Guangzhou. Awarded the Director's Exceptional Service Medallion and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal in 2014, Nunn's experience prior to working with the nation's secrets, includes flying 700 combat hours with the USAF over Iraq and Afghanistan, and teaching US Government to America's high school students. Nunn is now a cyber entrepreneur - helping 500 public-private partners find creative solutions to security challenges 'on the internet.' His hometown is right up the road in Altoona, Iowa. After graduating Drake University in 2002, he earned a master's with distinction at the University of Cambridge. He is currently serving as a Representative in the Iowa House.

Samantha Thomas graduated from Drake with a degree in International Relations in 2011. She spent two years in South Korea developing an arts curriculum for a private school to help students become more confident in their English speaking and writing abilities. Thomas is the founder and CEO of Global Arts Therapy, which promotes arts and development programs for children and young people in Iowa, Nepal and West Africa. 

Amir Busnov graduated from Drake with a major in International Relations in 2007. He received the Elsworth Woods Prize given annually to the most outstanding senior majoring in International Relations. Busnov also has an MA from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He is a U.S. Army veteran and served on Human Terrain Analysis Teams in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Jill Morehead graduated from Drake with a major in International Relations in 2000. She received an MA in Sustainable Development from the School for International Training. She currently works for Mercy Corps as Team Leader for a Strategic Response and Global Emergencies Team. Previously, she served in the Peace Corps and has worked for The Services Group, Crisis Corps, AmeriCares, and the United Nations Development Program. Her work has taken her to disaster and crisis areas around the world.

November 3: Panel Discussion on “The Changing Role of Central Banks”
Panelists: Jim McCaughan (Principal Financial Group), Bob Baur (Principal Financial Group), Madelyn Antoncic (Principal Financial Group), Sean Severe (Drake CBPA)
Location: Sussman Theater, Olmsted Center
Time:  7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Sponsors: Principal Financial Group and PFGCGC
Jim McCaughan
is chief executive officer of Principal Global Investors. He also serves as president of global asset management for the Principal Financial Group. He graduated with a degree in mathematics from the University of Cambridge (Pembroke College) and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.

Robert (Bob) Baur is the chief global economist for Principal Global Investors, the diversified asset management arm of the Principal Financial Group. He has a PhD in economics and a BS in mathematics from Iowa State.  He completed post-doctoral study in finance and economics at the University of Minnesota. He speaks around the world, is frequently quoted by the financial news media, and appears regularly on CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg Television.

Madelyn Antoncic joined Principal Global Investors in 2015 as Executive Director – Institutional Investment Solutions. She has more than 25 years of economic and financial industry experience. Most recently, Madelyn was vice president and treasurer of the World Bank where she oversaw assets of official sector institutions, comprising central banks, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other international financial institutions, as well as of the World Bank Group’s pension. She also oversaw the World Bank’s derivatives portfolio; its funding program; its capital management; and several businesses including engaging with client countries on central bank reserves management, debt management strategies, banking and risk management solutions. Madelyn holds a Ph.D. in Economics with a minor in Finance from New York University.

Sean Severe is an assistant professor of economics at Drake University.  His primary fields are macroeconomics, monetary policy, growth and development, and applied econometrics.  He primarily studies how monetary policy is affected by banking concentration, both over business cycles and in the long-run.  Severe is also interested in mergers and acquisitions, starts and failures in the banking sector, and how microfinance affects economic growth.  Severe received a BA in economics (Magna Cum Laude) from Gonzaga University and an MS and PhD in economics from the University of Oregon.

November 11: Joseph Mussomeli
Topic: Foreign Policy on the Campaign Trail: Tough Talk is Easy (and Essential)
Location: Meredith 101
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Sponsor: Nelson Institute for Diplomacy and International Affairs
Joseph Mussomeli
is the former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Slovenia. Born in New York in 1952, Mussomeli moved to New Jersey during his youth and started his college education at Rutgers University. After dropping out of school to become an upholsterer and hitchhike through Europe, Mussomeli eventually completed his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Trenton College (now the College of New Jersey). He also earned a Juris Doctor from Rutgers School of Law, Camden. After working in New Jersey as a law clerk and as a Deputy Attorney General, he entered the Foreign Service in 1980. Mussomeli has conducted work on behalf of the U.S. government in its relations with Afghanistan, Cambodia, Bahrain, Morocco, Sri Lanka, North Korea, Egypt, and the Philippines.

Nov. 15: International Film: La Jaula de Oro/The Golden Dream (2013, Dir. Diego Quemada-Díez)*
Location: Sussman Theater, lower level of Olmsted Center
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Sponsors: Evans Foundation, WLC and PFGCGC

November 17: Noripah Kamso
Topic: How Islamic Investing is Transforming Global Capital Markets
Location: Sussman Theater, Olmsted Center
Time:  7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Sponsors: PFGCGC
Datuk Noripah Kamso
is currently the Global Practitioner in Residence in the Center for Global Citizenship of Principal Financial Group, U.S. In this role she is attach to Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, USA. She was the former Advisor of CIMB Islamic.  She was the founding Chief Executive of CIMB-Principal Islamic Asset Management Sdn Bhd. In support of Malaysia’s aspiration to be a global Islamic financial hub, she has successfully since 2008 lead CIMB-Principal Islamic’s further footprints into UK, Europe, GCC, Asia, USA and Australia. Since 2004, she also transformed CIMB-Principal Asset Management to become a regional asset management house with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. She pioneered the listing of the world’s first Regional ASEAN Exchange Traded Fund, “CIMB ASEAN 40 ETF” listed in Singapore in 2007.

This fine leadership persona has led to the company’s global recognition by the best industry awards. In 2013, she was listed in the Top 10 Women in Islamic Finance by the Dubai–based publication Islamic Business & Finance. She was deemed a two-time winner of the “Marketing Personality of the Year” award (for 2006 & 2005) by Asia Asset Management for the Asia Pacific region, CEO of The Year for Malaysia (2007) and Personal Achievement award for contribution to Islamic asset management by International Takaful Summit, London (2012). She is a member of the Honor Society for International Scholars, PHI BETA DELTA –Zeta Gamma Chapter, Northern Illinois University. In 2014, Universiti Utara Malaysia honor her as an Adjunct Professor under the School of Economic, Finance & Banking. Besides serving as a Council Member of the Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM), she was the Past President of the Malaysian Futures Brokers Association (MFBA) and was a Committee Member of Market Participant Committee-Bursa Malaysia Berhad,

Acknowledging that Islamic asset management is an infant industry, she takes it as her responsibility to continuously share her thoughts and research via numerous article contributions in global publications as well as at international Islamic finance and Takaful conferences. Her second book “Investing in Islamic Funds. A Practitioner’s Perspective” published by Wiley & Sons in 2013 has also obtained global praise and international readership.

November 18: Kesh Govinder
Topic: The long walk to inclusivity: Evaluating the success of diversity initiatives
Location: Meredith 101
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Sponsor: PFGCGC
Some 20 years after the end of Apartheid, South Africa still struggles with URMs in higher education. The main difference between South Africa and the U.S. in this regard is that in the latter URM is an acronym for under represented minorities, while in the former it refers to the under represented majority. In this talk Govinder will present an overview of the demographic status of the higher education sector in South Africa. He will also present a simple index to monitor the effectiveness of strategies to address the issue of the URM – known as transformation – in South Africa. This index can be utilized in a number of settings in different countries. Govinder will apply this approach to Drake data and comment on its implications for the Strategic Diversity Action plan.

Kesh Govinder is a Professor of Applied Mathematics, as well as Dean and Head of the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN).  Govinder also engages in productive research in the field of Differential Equations. He looks both at the analysis of equations (symmetry methods, singularity analysis and dynamical systems analysis) as well as applications in General Relativity (Cosmology and Astrophysics), Financial Mathematics (PDEs) and Mathematical Biology (Epidemiology and Cancer modelling). More recently he developed the Equity Index to monitor the success of transformation.  He has published over 80 articles in internationally recognized journals and presented at and organized local and international conferences. He has graduated 28 MSc and PhD students and is currently involved in the supervision of 13 postgraduate students. He is a regular reviewer for the National Research Foundation of South Africa and has continuously attracted funding throughout his career.

Nov. 19:  Steve Barclay
Topic:  Hong Kong’s Economic Future
Location:  Medbury Honors Lounge
Time:  3:30-4:30 p.m.
Sponsor:  PFGCGC 
Steve Barclay
was Director of the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in Sydney for four years until July 2014. Prior to that, he was a public sector reform advocate and internal management consultant in the Government’s Efficiency Unit for nearly a decade. Barclay has served in a wide variety of posts with policy responsibilities including consumer protection, intellectual property, housing, and environmental protection. He has served as a District Officer in Hong Kong and also as Hong Kong’s economic and commercial representative in Brussels. Barclay has twice been responsible for drafting the Chief Executive’s Policy Address.  He was first appointed to the Hong Kong Government as an Inspector in the Hong Kong Police and transferred to the civil service.

November 23: Lauren Garza
Topic: "How to Prepare for the Foreign Service Exam"
Location: Meredith 234, Drake University
Time: 6:00pm-7:15pm
Sponsor: Nelson Institute for Diplomacy and International Affairs.
Lauren Garza currently serves as a Public Diplomacy Desk Officer for West Africa in the Bureau of African Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. She joined the State Department in 2009 and previously served as a Consular Officer in Monterrey, Mexico and Vancouver, Canada. Lauren graduated from Drake University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations, politics, and French. She received her Masters of Public Administration degree from Drake in 2009 while working as a Foreign Student Advisor and Study Abroad Advisor. In addition to having lived in Mexico and Canada, Lauren studied abroad in Nantes, France and served as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Gumi, South Korea. She is married with a one year old and an adopted street pooch from Mexico.


*Fall 2015 International Film Series with a Migration and Human Rights Theme
made possible by a gift from the Evans Foundation

Sept. 20: International Film: Granito: How to Nail a Dictator  (2011, Dir. Pamlea Yates)
Location: Sussman Theater, lower level of Olmsted Center
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Sponsors: Evans Foundation, WLC and PFGCGC
A Guatemalan court recently charged former dictator Efraín Rios Montt with genocide for his brutal war against the country’s Mayan people in the 1980s — and Pamela Yates’ 1983 documentary, When the Mountains Tremble, provided key evidence for bringing the indictment. Granito: How to Nail a Dictator tells the extraordinary story of how a film, aiding a new generation of human rights activists, became a granito — a tiny grain of sand — that helped tip the scales of justice.

In Granito, the characters sift for clues buried in archives of mind and place and historical memory, seeking to uncover a narrative that could unlock the past and settle matters of life and death in the present. Like a crime thriller where the narrative is revealed step by step, this epic film travels between present and past, uncovering evidence of massive crimes and bringing accountability to the present.

Oct. 11: International Film: Distancia (2012, Dir. Sergio Ramírez)
Location: Sussman Theater, lower level of Olmsted Center
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Sponsors: Evans Foundation, WLC and PFGCGC
The film will be introduced by Director Sergio Ramirez, who will be on campus to discuss the the making of Distancia, the current situation in Guatemala, the 36-year civil war and its aftermath, as well as filmmaking.

Tomas Choc is two days and 150 kilometres away from being reunited with Lucía, his only daughter, who was kidnapped by the army 20 years ago during the Guatemala War when she was only 3 years old.  Despite the pain of her absence, to keep her story alive, Tomás kept a journal of his struggle, resistance, and survival in the hope of one day being able to give it to his daughter. We join Tomás on his journey to reunite with Lucia, and witness the manner in which be navigates the obstacles created between them by fate. The distance between people can be physical, cultural, and even emotional.

Sergio Ramirez was born in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. He holds a degree in communication. Ramirez wrote and directed the short fiction Hoy   (Today) and the documentary Resistir para vivirresistirpara avanzar (Resist to Live, Resist to Advance).  Distancia is his directorial debut and he is currently working on the post-production of his second fiction feature 1991. Ramirez is a professor of film at several Guatemalan universities and serves as the president of the Guatemalan Audiovisual and Cinematography Association.

Nov. 1: International Film: Living on One Dollar (2013, Dir. Chris Temple, et. al.)
Location: Sussman Theater, lower level of Olmsted Center
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Sponsors: Evans Foundation, WLC and PFGCGC
Living on One Dollar is a film that follows the story of four young friends who set out to live on just one dollar a day for eight weeks in rural Guatemala. They battle hunger, parasites and the realization that there are no easy answers.  Yet, the generosity and strength of Rosa, a 20-year-old woman, and Chino, a 12-year-old boy gives them resilient hope that there are effective ways to make a difference.  Join Zach and Chris as they narrate this gripping journey of understanding. You will come away with a deep empathy for the people of Peña Blanca and feel empowered that you CAN change the world.

Nov. 15: International Film: La Jaula de Oro/ The Golden Dream (2013, Dir. Diego Quemada-Díez)
Location: Sussman Theater, lower level of Olmsted Center
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Sponsors: Evans Foundation, WLC and PFGCGC

This feature is a piercing and poetic road movie that follows the fortunes of four Guatemalan teenagers on a dangerous journey across the Mexican border into America.

Fall 2015: The Comparison Project**

The following events are sponsored by The Comparison Project and listed here as a courtesy.

Sept. 17, Allen Zagoren
Topic:  How We Die: Evaluation, Reflection and Prescription
Location: Sussman Theater, Olmsted Center
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Oct. 8, Tibetan Buddhist Monks from the Tashi Kyil Monastery
Topic:  Death and Dying in Tibetan Buddhism: Lecture, Ritual, Dance
Location: Sussman Theater, Olmsted Center
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Oct. 29, Eduardo Gonzalez
Topic: La Micracion y el culto de la Santa muerte: asirse a lo que sea (Migration and the Cult of Santa Muerte: Hanging onto Whatever")
Location: Sussman Theater, Olmsted Center
Time: 7:00 p.m.

November 19, Lucy Bregman
Topic:  Christians Encounter Death: Tradition's Ambivalent Legacies
Location:  Sussman Theater, Olmsted Center
Time:  7:00 p.m.

Dec. 3, Community Interfaith Dialogue
Panelists: Panelists: Sayeed Hussain, pediatrician, West Des Moines Children’s Clinic; Pramod Mahajan, associate professor of pharmacology, Drake University; Joseph Moravec, professor of theology and philosophy, Mercy College of Health Sciences.  Moderator: Moderated by Norma Hirsch, assistant professor of osteopathic medicine at Des Moines University.
Location:  Iles Funeral Home, Dunn's Chapel, 2121 Grand Ave., Des Moines
Time:  7:00 p.m.

**  Funding for The Comparison Project is provided by PFGCGC, Drake University Humanities Center, Humanities Iowa, The Medbury Fund, Des Moines Area Religious Council, and Cultivating Compassion: The Richard Deming Foundation, Slay Fund for Social Justice, and Iles Funeral Homes.