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Spring 2008 Events and Activities


March 6: Phillippe Byosiere, Doshisha Business School, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
"Technology and Innovation Management Challenges for Japanese Global Firms"
7pm, Meredith 106
Sponsor: CGC
Free and open to the public.

Topic: With highly recognizable name brands (e.g. Toyota, Sony) and leading global industrial representation (e.g. automotive, electronics), many countries would not worry about the economic prospects in the 21st century.  This changes when confronted with volatile internal and external environmental contexts, a declining population, increased life expectancy, and declining birthrates.  As a result, Japanese firms are weighing very carefully both the benefits and threats of the economic growth of emerging economies in Asia.  Strategic planning poses major challenges for Japanese companies as they work to optimize the use of their resources, knowledge and traditions in order to sustain their trademarks of high product quality, lean manufacturing, and breakthrough innovation.

Speaker: Philippe Byosiere is a professor at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan.  He received his masters and doctoral degrees in organizational psychology at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.  Dr. Byosiere has held both permanent and visiting positions at universities in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan and the United States. Widely sought as a management consultant in the US, Europe and Asia, Dr. Byosiere has published numerous monographs, articles and book chapters.   His research interests are in the areas of innovation management, knowledge creation and competitive advantage, stress in organizations, cross-cultural organization research and organizational behavior.  Fluent in six languages, Dr. Byosiere is also an Honorary Belgian Consul in Japan.

Saturday, March 8, 1pm-2:30pm: Author Laurie Garrett
Topic: "Global Health in the New Millennium: Moving Ethics into Action"
Location: Sheslow Auditorium
Sponsors: CGC and the Department of Education
Free and open to the public.

As a medical and science writer for Newsday, in New York City, Laurie Garrett became the only writer ever to have been awarded all three of the Big "Ps" of journalism: The Peabody, The Polk (twice), and The Pulitzer. Laurie is also the best-selling author of The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance and Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health. In March 2004, Laurie took the position of Senior Fellow for Global Health at the Council on Foreign Relations. She is an expert on global health with a particular focus on newly emerging and re-emerging diseases; public health and their effects on foreign policy and national security.

April 4: Iowa Geographic Bee
8am-1pm, Olmsted Center (upstairs)
Open to participants and families.
Sponsors: CGC and Iowa Geographic Alliance

April 9: Joyceln Gail-Campbell, Domestic Workers United
"Tell Dem Slavery Done: Immigrant Domestic Workers in the Global Economy"
7pm, Bulldog Auditorium, Olmsted Center
Sponsors: CGC, Women's Studies, La Fuerza Latina, Engaged Citizen Program, Amnesty International, International Student Association
Free and open to the public.

Founded in 2000, Domestic Workers United [DWU] is an organization of Caribbean, Latina and African nannies, housekeepers, and elderly caregivers in New York, organizing for power, respect, fair labor standards and to help build a movement to end exploitation and oppression for all.

April 9: Erik Peterson
"Seven Revolutions"
7:30pm, Knapp Center
Sponsor: The Martin Bucksbaum Distinguished Lecture  Series
Free and open to the public.

Erick Peterson is senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He leads the Seven Revolutions Initiative, a broad-based effort to forecast key trends out to the year 2025.

April 14: Panel Discussion on U.S.-China Economic Relations
Featuring Susan Shirk, Minxin Pei, Nicholas Lardy and Eric Shimp
7pm, Sheslow Auditorium
Sponsors: CGC and Harry and Pam Bookey
Free and open to the public.

Susan Shirk is director of the University of California system-wide Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation and professor of political science. Shirk first traveled to China in 1971 and has been doing research there ever since. During 1997-2000, Shirk served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of East Asia and Pacific Affairs, with responsibility for China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mongolia. She founded in 1993 and continues to lead the Northeast Asia Cooperation Dialogue (NEACD), an unofficial “track-two” forum for discussions of security issues among defense and foreign ministry officials and academics from the United States, Japan, China, Russia and the Koreas. Her latest book is China: Fragile Superpower, published by Oxford University Press, 2007.

Nicholas R. Lardy is a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. He joined the Institute in March 2003 from the Brookings Institution, where he was a senior fellow in the Foreign Policy Studies Program from 1995 until 2003 and served as interim director of Foreign Policy Studies in 2001. Lardy has written numerous articles and books on the Chinese economy. Lardy’s most recent book is China: The Balance Sheet (Public Affairs, 2006).

Minxin Pei is a senior associate and director of the China Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. His research focuses on democratization in developing countries, economic reform and governance in China, and U.S.-China relations.  He is the author of From Reform to Revolution: The Demise of Communism in China and the Soviet Union (Harvard University Press, 1994) and China’s Trapped Transition: The Limits of Developmental Autocracy (Harvard University Press, 2006).

Eric Shimp is a Policy Adviser at Alston & Bird, LLP. He advises corporate and public sector clients on global trade, investment and regulatory strategies, and advises multinational corporations and investment funds on strategic acquisitions and political risk management issues in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Eric brings nearly a decade of experience gained as a U.S. diplomat (stationed in China) and trade negotiator covering East and Southeast Asia. He has advised sovereign governments on a range of economic policy issues including trade and investment policy planning and the negotiation of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements.

April 16: Pan American Day Celebration Luncheon
Featuring music by Calle Sur
Lunch and program begins at 11:30am, Olmsted Center, Parents Hall, Drake University
$12 per person; For reservations, call 271-3711
Sponsors: CGC, Dean of Student's Office, Antonio and Hilda Prieto

April 22: Foreign Affairs Career Day: Recruiters from five Intelligence Agencies of the U.S. Government
1pm-4pm, Reading Room, Cowles Library
Sponsors: CGC and Career and Professional Development Services

April 30: Dennis Ross
Topic: Statecraft: How to Restore America’s Standing in the World
7pm, Parents Hall, Olmsted Center
Sponsor: CGC
Free and open to the public.
Ambassador Dennis Ross is The Washington Institute's counselor and Ziegler distinguished fellow. For more than twelve years, Ambassador Ross played a leading role in shaping U.S. involvement in the Middle East peace process and dealing directly with the parties in negotiations. A highly skilled diplomat, Ambassador Ross was U.S. point man on the peace process in both the George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations. He was instrumental in assisting Israelis and Palestinians to reach the 1995 Interim Agreement; he also successfully brokered the 1997 Hebron Accord, facilitated the 1994 Israel-Jordan peace treaty, and intensively worked to bring Israel and Syria together.

May 6: Eleanor Zeff - Fulbright Scholarships for students and faculty
3:30pm-4:30pm, Medbury Honors Lounge
Sponsor: CGC


International Film Series
All films will be shown in Meredith 101
Sponsors: CGC and Drake University Language Acquisition Program

2:00 PM Sunday Mar. 9, 2008 - Le Grand Voyage, a film in French with English subtitles, Presented by Dr. Jan Marston

This intimate, intriguing, and thoughtful French film tells the story of Reda (Nicolas Cazale), a young man just weeks away from his college exams, whose strained relationships with both his father (Mohamed Majd) and his culture are put to the test when he drives the older man on his pilgrimage to Mecca.

2:00 PM Sunday Apr. 6, 2008 - Osama, a film in Arabic with English subtitles, Presented by Dr. Deb DeLaet

A 12-year-old girl, her mother, and a local village boy narrowly survive the brutal end of a peaceful demonstration organized by women who are oppressed by the cruel Taliban regime. After witnessing such inhumane treatment, the mother is reminded of her own hardships as she and her daughter struggle to maintain their existence.

2:00 PM Sunday April 20, 2008 - The Lives of Others, A film in German with English subtitles, Presented by Dr. Marc Cadd

At once a political thriller and human drama, THE LIVES OF OTHERS begins in East Berlin in 1984, five years before Glasnost and the fall of the Berlin Wall and ultimately takes us to 1991, in what is now the reunited Germany. THE LIVES OF OTHERS traces the gradual disillusionment of Captain Gerd Wiesler, a highly skilled officer who works for the Stasi, East Germany's all-powerful secret police.