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Nomination for Global Scholars/Practitioners in Residence

The Global Scholars/Practitioners in Residence program seeks to attract talented individuals from academia or the professions who have outstanding international expertise to teach part-time while also serving as mentors to our students and resources for our faculty and the community. 

Global Scholars/Practitioners will engage with the campus and community through teaching, public lectures and joint research projects while drawing upon their professional networks to help our faculty, students and the institution as a whole develop new and fruitful external collaborations.

Nomination Instructions

Global Scholar/Practitioner candidates should be nominated by the academic unit to which they will be attached. Nominations must be accompanied by appropriate supporting materials, which include:

  • A nomination letter that discusses the qualification of the candidate and the expected contributions that they would make to the life of the university
  • Biographical information about the candidate
  • A letter of interest from the candidate
  • A letter of support from the Dean

Nominations are due February 12, 2021 and should be directed to Annique Kiel, Executive Director of Global Engagement and International Programs, who will review nomination packages in consultation with administrative/faculty liaisons. Upon the Executive Director's recommendation, the university Provost will send a letter of invitation to successful candidates.

Among the criteria to be considered are the following:

  1. A record of recognized international leadership and distinguished professional accomplishment in any field.
  2. A documented commitment to international understanding and global citizenship.
  3. An ability to bring unique perspectives and experiences to bear in relation to relating to Drake faculty, staff, students and members of the local community.
  4. A willingness and ability to offer courses that complement the existing curriculum and meet rigorous academic standards.

In recognition and in support of their contributions, Global Scholars/Practitioners will receive a stipend, a travel allotment, an appropriate workspace, a computer and access to all university facilities. Global Scholars/Practitioners will be affiliated with an appropriate academic unit for one semester and will offer at least one course. The Principal Center and the relevant department chair will jointly be responsible for facilitating opportunities for the visiting Global Scholar/Practitioner to mentor students and engage in other outreach activities or research collaborations with members of the Drake and Central Iowa communities.