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Community-Engaged Learning during COVID-19

COVID-19 has certainly presented challenges to the traditional learning environment. However, the time to lean into the community as our classroom has never been greater. Below is a curated list of resources to help you explore how you might integrate community engagement into your course in light of COVID-19 and the challenges it presents.

If you're looking to volunteer this year or partner with a non-profit organization, please watch this 3-minute training video first. 


  • Adhere to University guidelines for safety:
  • Adhere to the community partner's guidelines for safety.
  • See How to Stay Safe as a Volunteer for additional suggestions.
  • Communicate with your community partner(s) and students early and regularly
    • Collaborate on changes to student work
      • Adjust the scope of student work
      • Adjust the timeline of student work
      • Adjust the nature of student work

Other Campus Resources for Community-Engaged Teaching during COVID-19

CEL & Remote Teaching ideas:

  • Students can conduct background research or gather best practices or other information requested by the partner(s);
  • Students can tape, record, or stream performances or workshops to benefit community partner(s);
  • Students can create digital and other social media content, print program materials, or other methods for information-sharing;
  • Students can undertake assessment, evaluation, or feedback via phone or web-based services;
  • Students can compile research or brainstorm strategies that provide indirect support from volunteers as a result of coronavirus;
  • Students can conduct virtual or phone-based educational support for youth and adults

More ideas are available at:

Online Teaching with CEL:


Community News