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Awards & Fellowships

There are many recognition opportunities, both nationally and locally, for community engagement work. See the lists below for more information.

National Faculty Awards for Community Engagement

For faculty committed to civic and community engagement, there are two major national awards

  • Pre-tenure 
    • The Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty, sponsored by the Swearer Center at Brown University in partnership with the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU).
    • Due Date: Early May
  • Post-tenure

Both awards value community collaboration as well as institutional impact and honor engaged scholarly work across the faculty roles of teaching, research, and service.


Iowa Campus Compact Engaged Scholar Research Fellowship

Each year Iowa Campus Compact offers Drake Faculty the opportunity to serve as an Engaged Scholar Research Fellow. Fellows work on a community engagement research project with the goal of publication and other forms of dissemination to grow knowledge in the field. Scholars receive support for completing and publishing their research, including free registration, lodging and flight to the annual Pen to Paper Writing Retreat.

Drake's 2018-2019 Engaged Scholar Research Fellow:

Dr. Inbal Mazar, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Dr. Inbal Mazar, Engaged Research Scholar

Living in six countries sparked an appreciation for culture and she strives to share this enthusiasm by promoting culture and building connections between students and local and international communities. As a fellow she will assess how community engagement affects confidence in language learning and the link between meaningful language interaction outside of the classroom and increased confidence in speaking and interacting in the language.

Faculty Fellow for Community Engaged Learning

Thanks to funding from the Slay Fund for Social Justice the Community Engaged Learning Fellow position is an opportunity for a Drake full-time faculty member (non-tenure-track, tenure-track, or tenured) to expand, deepen, and disseminate their mastery of community engaged learning to others. The Faculty Fellow works with the Director of Community Engaged Learning on programming and initiatives that support faculty and staff in fulfilling the community engagement mission of the university.

2018-2019 Faculty Fellow

Anisa Fornoff, Faculty Fellow for Community Engaged Learning

Dr. Anisa Fornoff, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Faculty Fellow for Global Service-Learning

Thanks to funding from the Olson Endowment for Global Service-Learning, the Faculty Fellow for Global Service-Learning works with the Office of Community Engaged Learning and Drake International to develop and lead the Global Service Learning Community and Travel Seminar.

2018-2019 Faculty Fellow

Carlyn Crowe, Faculty Fellow for Community Engaged Learning
Carlyn Crowe, Visiting Assistant Professor of Journalism / Internship Coordinator

DU Faculty Awards

College of Business & Public Administration
Outreach Award

The purpose of this award is to promote outreach by publicly recognizing and rewarding efforts toward this important CBPA goal. Outreach is defined by those activities that utilize professional expertise to help organizations and/or the community.  Outreach activity ensures faculty currency in the professional practice relevant to their discipline.  Additionally, outreach activity fulfills the objective of the CBPA and Drake strategic plans to offer faculty expertise to serve the common good and improve the community in which we operate, adding to the reputation of the University in the business community. Outreach activity may take a wide variety of forms.  

Examples of outreach activity include, but are not limited to, the following:   

  • Sustained professional work related to teaching field 
  • A significant practice experience related to teaching field 
  • A significant consulting experience related to teaching field 
  • Obtaining professional certification/licensure                                                   
  • Membership on a corporate or non-profit board of directors     
  • Creation and delivery of executive education courses                 
  • Holding office in professional organizations                     
  • Participation in interviews with local or national media


  • 2018 Mary Edrington, Associate Professor of Practice in Marketing / Internship Coordinator
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