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Ashly Frazier - Next Course Food Recovery/Food Security Peer

 Hello! My name is Ashly Frazier and I'm entering my junior year here at Drake University. I am an Environmental Science major with a concentration in Animal Behavior following a Pre-Veterinary Medicine track (I know it's a mouthful). When I was a first year, I had the opportunity to intern at a homelessness and housing nonprofit organization through the Engaged Citizens Corps program. The experiences I had gave me a platform to reflect on myself and the world around me. My concept of socio-economic issues was expanded to highlight the interconnectedness hidden within these issues. I now have a focus in access, environmental justice, homelessness, housing, conservation, and sustainability.

Stacia Humphrey - Next Course Food Recovery/Food Security Peer

Hi! My name is Stacia Humphrey and I am a sophomore pre-pharmacy student. Being from Chicago I have had a number opportunities to help the homeless community. I see a lot of poverty where I am from, so the opportunity to help feed, clothe, and assist impoverished people in something I am familiar with and I enjoy. I have also travelled to the Dominican Republic where I helped deliver a community action project and taught English at a local grammar school. This experience allowed me to get a first hand view of how kids in less fortunate countries live, and allowed me to assist as I could.

Marlee Rutledge- Sprout Garden Coordinator

My name is Marlee, I have lived in Des Moines for awhile and I am a junior in Environmental Sustainability and Resilience. The social issues that I am most familiar with are environmental justice and food sovereignty but I am also interested in getting more people civically engaged through earth sciences.


Sydnei Washington - Community Engagement Peer for Equity & Inclusion

I am a Junior at Drake University studying Elementary Education with endorsements in reading, ESL and a concentration in Social Justice in urban schooling. During my Freshmen year, I was a member of the Engaged Citizen Corps at Drake where I worked with the nonprofit Children Family Urban Movement. I am currently the Vice President of Neighborhood Relations for the Community Action Board, the Equity and Inclusion Community Engagement Peer for the Office of Community Engaged Learning and Service, and the Community Outreach Senator. I enjoy helping others discover how their passions can create mutually beneficial service opportunities. I hope to provide students with more resources to enable them to have a positive experience on and off-campus and enjoy the community they are in!


Kiley Kahler - Training and Events Coordinator    . Hello! I am studying Business Management and Organizational Leadership with a Leadership concentration. On-campus, I am involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life (Alpha Phi), SAA, DVALI, Nonprofit Consulting Club, and work at the front desk of Crawford residence hall. Off-campus, I am a volunteer staffer and Donor Relations Intern for Launch Leadership, a nonprofit based out of Lincoln, NE (my hometown). Some passion projects of mine are politics, volunteerism, and empowering youth leaders. I love trying local coffee shops, watching live theatre, going to concerts, traveling, and hanging out with my dogs. My family adopted a puppy over the COVID lockdown named Franklin.


Taylor Fisher - IRIS Coordinator

My name is Taylor Fisher and I am a senior from Glenwood, IA studying International Relations and Law, Politics, and Society. I'm very excited to be graduating a year early with plans on attending law school post-graduation! A couple social issues I am most interested in/familiar with are homelessness/housing and immigration/refugee issues and the gaps in government services. My interest in homelessness comes most directly from taking the Homelessness in America sociology course (an AMAZING course taught by Professor Knudsen) where we spent a semester studying Homelessness both in the country as a whole but also specifically in Des Moines. My interest in immigration comes from my time served as an intern at EMBARC, a local refugee-led Des Moines nonprofit that provides services and advocacy to Iowa's refugee community. I'd love to talk about this experience and what services and advocacy best benefit our local refugees!


Melanie Sedacki - Voter Engagement Peer

I am a sophomore student from Rochester, MN, with majors in Biology and Political Science, and minors is Mathematics and Data Analytics. I am most passionate about youth mental wellness, and growing financial inequality/poverty levels.


Carrie Lawal - Graphic Design and Social Media Intern

I am a student-athlete at Drake University dedicated to completing my studies in the Journalism field. My passion for the non-profit industry got a chance to flourish last year, when I was granted the opportunity of being an Engaged Citizen and in turn worked with Willkie House—a historically Black institute focused on the development and progress of young people. Working as a content manager and teacher at the non-profit enriched my appreciation for service work, as I strive to tackle inconsistencies in early child development specifically for students of color.

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