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"The Engaged Citizen Corps has been one of the most influential programs I've been involved in. I have learned professional skills, learned about service learning, made amazing friends, and have received awesome experiences. This program has given me more than a first year internship but a community surrounded by self improvement and community building." -Emily Hanna, 2018-2019 ECC cohort

"As I look back upon my first couple months of Engaged Citizen Corps I’m blown away with the opportunities I’ve been given to grow as a person and within a professional setting. Through Engaged Citizen Corps, I’ve met my best friends, developed a sense of professionalism, and grown my understanding of the world around me. At my site, I’ve learned several things about non-profit work, while having the opportunity to become more involved and knowledgeable in the Des Moines community. While ECC is a larger time commitment, I’ve loved having the opportunity to become involved within and outside the Drake community on such a large level as a first-year student. As a first-year student, I’m so thankful for the opportunities given to me by Engaged Citizen Corps, and I know the things I’m learning in the program will definitely be taken further into my college career." - Taylor Bahr, 2018-2019 ECC cohort

"The Engaged Citizen Corps has allowed me to give back to the Des Moines community while also working on my professional skills. I have been able to take what I've learned in the classroom and apply it to my internship. It has given me a head start for my career building." -Amber Guzzo, 2018-2019 ECC cohort

"Being a member of ECC has incredibly broadened my horizons. It allowed me to grow in so many ways - as a student, as a person, and especially as a community member. I understand what it means to truly belong to a community and give back to it. As a student from out of state, it was enlightening to create connections outside of Drake's campus and engage with the Des Moines community. In fact, due to my time with ECC, I am now employed by the nonprofit with which I interned. ECC is genuinely a life-changing experience." - Sabrina Uddin, 2017-2018 ECC cohort 

“The Engaged Citizen Corps offered me the opportunity to see the words “community” and “engaged citizen” in a new light. Now, they are no longer empty words. They hold memories of inspiring people, social action, and a diverse Des Moines.” - Brittany Freeman, 2017-2018 ECC cohort


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