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Poverty Simulation

The Community Action Poverty Simulation is meant to help sensitize participants to the struggles people in poverty face on a daily basis. During the simulation, participants role-play the lives of low-income families, from single parents trying to care for their children to senior citizens trying to maintain their self-sufficiency on Social Security.

In the simulation each week is represented by four 15-minute periods. The task of each family is to provide food, shelter, and other basic necessities during the simulation while interacting with various community resources (e.g. bank, pawnshop, childcare center, school, employer, grocery store, etc.) that are staffed by volunteers. Afterward, participants and staffers conduct a debriefing.

The Poverty Simulations at Drake happen each November. This year they will take place Nov. 5, 7, and 8. We need approximately 24 volunteers to staff each simulation. Volunteers should have either participated in a poverty simulation before, or work for a community agency. 

Volunteers are needed from approximately 12:30-3:30pm. Volunteers receive a short training prior to the simulation. You can choose to help out with one or more of the poverty simulations. Please contact Amanda Martin if you would like to volunteer and she will be in touch with you shortly.

For more information visit the Missouri Association for Community Action website. 

Also, if you would like to participate in a CAPS Poverty Simulation, Central Iowa Works/United Way of Central Iowa will be putting one on Oct. 18 at 1pm and Drake students are invited to participate for free. Register today. 

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