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Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 regarding academics.

Can students choose which classes they would like to take face-to-face and remotely?

No. Unless a student has opted to take all courses via remote learning this spring, their schedule will note whether the class is being offered face-to-face, remote, or hybrid.

If students do not feel comfortable taking Spring 2021 semester classes in-person, will they be able to take all their classes virtually?

Yes. If students are uncomfortable attending in-person classes, they may request to take all Spring 2021 semester courses remotely by completing the Request for Remote Course Delivery form by Friday, Jan. 22. If approved to do so, all coursework must be completed remotely. Requests for remote delivery received after Jan. 22 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and on-campus housing students will not be eligible for a prorated room and board refund.

International Students: First-year F-1 students or international transfer students on an “Initial” I-20 should be aware F-1 guidance states that students in this status cannot engage in a 100% online course load. These students must take at least one course in-person if they will be on campus for the Spring 2021 semester.

Will students be allowed to start the semester taking in-person courses and later decide to transition to virtual delivery?

The deadline to request remote delivery for Spring 2021 semester courses is Friday, Jan. 22. If approved to do so, all coursework must be completed remotely and students may not convert to on-campus instruction after Jan. 22. Students may request virtual course delivery by filling out this form. Requests for virtual delivery received after Jan. 22 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and on-campus housing students will not be eligible for a prorated room and board refund.

How can I find out whether my classes are in meeting in person or virtually for the Spring 2021 semester?

Courses being offered via virtual delivery will display a room location of WWW-World Wide Web. Most courses will still have a meeting date and time to facilitate synchronous learning opportunities. Courses that are being offered face-to-face will display a physical room location. To view your fall schedule, select “My Course Schedule” in myDrake under the Classes & Registration selection. 

Will Drake be offering credit/no credit grading during the Spring 2021 semester?

Undergraduate students must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the Credit/No Credit Policy to convert elective credits to credit/no credit grading. Courses within a student’s major/minor and Area of Inquiry (AOI) requirements will follow standard letter grading for the Spring 2021 semester. Students should work with their advisor to discuss credit/no credit grading for elective credits only at the start of the semester.

If a student decides to take all their classes virtually during the Spring 2021 semester, will that impact the student’s financial aid package?

A student’s scholarships and grants will not be affected, unless those scholarships and grants were specifically related to on-campus room and/or board expenses.

Students who are taking all classes virtually will be considered commuter students for purposes of assigning a student’s cost of attendance budget. A student’s budget determines the maximum amount of financial assistance a student may receive and serves as a check against a student borrowing more than is necessary. The budget estimates for resident and commuter students differ on items like room (rent), board (food), and transportation.

What options does a student have if they get sick during the semester and are unable to complete their academic coursework?

The University recognizes that students may experience health issues that significantly impact their ability to function successfully or safely. In those situations, students may request a Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA), which, if granted, permits them to take a break from University life and their studies. Drake University has designed a policy to help students get the individualized attention, consideration, and support needed to address health issues that arise or escalate during their time at the University and significantly interfere with their academics or University life.

Will students to elect to take their courses via virtual learning during the Spring 2021 semester receive a tuition reduction?

Tuition for the 2020–2021 academic year remains at the rate publicly announced this past spring. Regardless of the mode of instruction, Drake is committed to providing a first-class education and will continue to provide students with access to the same accomplished faculty, rigorous coursework, and thoughtful curriculum that are the hallmark of the Drake experience.

When will study abroad opportunities be available to Drake students?

Study abroad is currently suspended, including Spring 2021 programs. Summer 2021 study abroad programs are under review; however, students are still able to apply to a Summer 2021 program. To apply, please visit:

If you have questions related to travel suspensions and study abroad, please reach out to

Questions? Contact us with any COVID-19 questions.