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Athletics & Athletic Events

Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 regarding athletics and athletic events.

How is Drake Athletics responding to the Coronavirus pandemic?

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Drake Athletics has created an Athletics Resocialization Guiding Principles Committee and an Athletics Resocialization Working Group. The Guiding Principles Committee is comprised of Athletics administrators, campus administrators, and physicians tasked to guide the development of policies and procedures related to return to play activities for Drake student-athletes. The working group meets twice weekly to discuss implementation of return to play policies and procedures.

How does this affect the fall 2021 sports seasons?

Fall 2021 sports seasons are operating on a return to sport schedule beginning August 2021. Sports schedules and ticketing information can be found at There will be COVID-19 protocols in place for student-athletes, coaches, staff, fans, and parents. Protocols are established with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Iowa Department of Public Health, Polk County Health Department, Missouri Valley Conference, and Drake University.

How does this affect Drake student-athletes?

The NCAA has defined protocols based on Community Immunity. Immunity is defined as fully vaccinated individuals and individuals within 90 days of a positive COVID-19 test. It is up to the institutions and conferences to define what makes up a community. Drake has elected to define community as sport program student-athletes and coaches, team managers and practice players, athletic trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, and equipment room staff. If a community with members equal to or greater than 85% immunity work out with another community that is under that threshold then they have to revert to the protocols for communities with less than 85% immunity.

In consultation with Drake’s team physician, we have discontinued daily symptom and temperature screening as it is no longer recommended in NCAA Guidelines nor Drake policy. Student-athletes will sign a form in their pre-season paperwork acknowledging they will self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.

The COVID-19 testing schedules are based on community immunity of equal to or greater than 85%. If a community meets that level of vaccination rate than there are no testing requirements (vaccinated and unvaccinated). If community immunity is less than 85% diagnostic and surveillance testing for unvaccinated individuals will commence at the rate reflective of the community spread rate per Polk County. The types of testing are diagnostic and surveillance tests. Diagnostic testing will be a PCR with no access to facilities until a negative result is ascertained. Surveillance testing will be a PCR or antigen. Activities can be ongoing. During summer 2021, we will implement surveillance testing for all unvaccinated individuals regardless of community vaccination level. The NCAA Resocialization Guidelines notes that the CDC does not recommend repeat surveillance testing for infected individuals within the 90-day window following infection or for fully vaccinated individuals, either as routine surveillance or after COVID-19 exposure, unless symptoms warrant such an evaluation as determined by a physician. We plan to adhere to this strategy in our testing schedule.

Infected asymptomatic individuals may discontinue isolation and other precautions 10 days after the date of their first positive test for SARS-CoV-2. Infected symptomatic individuals who have symptoms and were directed to care for themselves at home or at school may discontinue isolation when all of the following conditions have been met: (1) at least 10 days have passed since symptom onset; (2) at least 24 hours have passed since resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications; and (3) other symptoms have improved. Unvaccinated community members will be subject to quarantine per CDC Guidelines of which quarantine will be 7 days from exposure to positive COVID-19 individual if a PCR test collected on Day 5 is negative. Vaccinated individuals will not be subjected to quarantine or testing from an exposure unless they become symptomatic.

Drake policy for face coverings is precedent when not in an NCAA activity. Everyone needs to wear a mask between and in transit to NCAA activities when indoors. Masks outdoors are optional. During summer workouts, vaccinated community members may be unmasked during NCAA activities. In the athletic training room and weight room, unvaccinated individuals need to be masked regardless of percentage of vaccination on the team. Community immunity of equal to or greater than 85% have no mask requirements (vaccinated and unvaccinated) during NCAA activities. For Community immunity of less than 85% unvaccinated individuals in all NCAA activities need to wear a mask (i.e. weight room, practice sessions, locker room, athletic training room, team meetings, etc.) Vaccinated individuals in all NCAA activities do not need to wear a mask (i.e. weight room, practice sessions, athletic training room, team meetings, locker room, etc.) In addition, all individuals entering through the Bell Center need to be masked. Team meetings located in campus facilities (non-athletics) need to follow the University masking policies where masks need to be worn for all individuals regardless of vaccination status. Visitors to practices need to wear a mask per Drake policy.

How does this affect recruiting for Drake coaches and prospective student-athletes interested in meeting with a Drake coach and/or visiting Drake’s campus?

  • Recruiting calendars resumed June 1, 2021 with timelines for official and unofficial visits varying by sport. Prospective student-athletes should familiarize themselves with the NCAA Recruiting calendars for information by sport program.
  • For on-campus visits:
    • Prospective student-athletes will complete the Health Screening form that is used by the Office of Admissions – head coaches have the form and will send completed form to Athletics Compliance with their post-visit paperwork.
    • Prospective student-athletes on official visits participating in team workouts need to provide a negative PCR test 2 days prior to travel or a proof of vaccination card. Head coaches include this information in their pre-visit Compliance paperwork.

Is the Bell Center (Rec Center) open?

Students wishing to access the Bell Center should read the Recreation Services FAQ.

Does Recreational Services have group classes online and other virtual programing?

Stay connected with all things Drake Rec during this time away from campus. Make sure you check out our TwitterFacebook, Instagram and TikTok for programming updates and fun ways to stay active. 

GroupX & Wellness: Drake Group Exercise has gone virtual, sign up for classes or download the Drake Rec app. For a step-by-step guide on how to sign-up for virtual fitness classes, please visit the Group Exercise page.

Intramurals: Recreation services programming is expected to return in the Fall 2020 semester. More details will be provided prior to the start of the semester.

Recreation Movement: Drake Rec is part of a network of 40 other universities teaming up to provide students, faculty, and staff access to online workout classes free of charge. Create a login using your email and enjoy all the workouts! Make sure you log your minutes to help Drake in the time competition through the Recreation Movement website.

For a complete list of offerings, visit the Recreational Services website.