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Drake Dining FAQ's

Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 regarding Drake Dining Services.

Can we get meals delivered?

For those residential students who are isolated or quarantined on campus, meals will be delivered at their designated residence hall or Drake owned real estate property. Meals will be delivered for breakfast between 9–10 a.m.lunch between 12–1p.m., and dinner between 5–6 p.m.

How will food be served?

All food will be served by Drake Dining staff wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment.

Can students get their own beverages when dining on campus?

Yes. Students will be able to fill their own beverage, but a staff member from Drake Dining will provide students with a single-use cup. New cups will be provided for refills. No reusable cups will be allowed at any Drake Dining locations.

How will dining seating be arranged? 

Students will be able to sit in designated areas in dining locations arranged to support social distancing.

Can students move a table to sit with friends?

No. All tables will be set at least six feet apart to adhere to physical distancing policies. Tables will be set up to accommodate group sizes from 210 people. 

Are masks required inside Hubbell Dining Hall?

Yes. The only time permitted to not wear a mask inside Hubbell Dining Hall is when seated and eating.

Are backpacks permitted inside Hubbell Dining Hall?

Yes. Backpacks are permitted in Hubble Dining Hall.

Is food available to-go?

Yes. To-go options will be available through the main dining hall. Students will place a $5 deposit on a reusable container during their first usage (flex dollars may be applied) and will receive their $5 deposit back when they are done with the program and return their last reusable container.

Where will Grab and Go options be available?

Grab and Go dining options will be offered in Cowles Library and The C-Store.

Is dining at Hubbell still all you care to eat?


How is Drake Dining accommodating food allergies?

Simple Servings and My Zone will continue to offer items to accommodate students with food allergies.

Are Drake ID cards going to be touchless at dining locations?

Yes. Students will be able to swipe their own cards at the register in all dining locations. 

What happens if the dining room is full?

If the dining room is full, students must wait until the number of diners is below the maximum capacity. Students have the option to utilize the to-go program if the dining hall is at capacity.

What is Drake Dining doing to keep the dining hall clean and sanitized?

Dining hall staff will be cleaning and sanitizing all touch points. All employees will be screened before starting their shifts and proper PPE will be used by all staff members. Hubbell Dining Hall will have controlled access points for entering and exiting to maintain proper physical distancing. 

Questions? Contact us with any COVID-19 questions.