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Student Life

Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 regarding student life.

How will the University enforce social distancing and mask wearing protocols?

It is our shared responsibility to support and protect the health and wellbeing of all members of our community. The Drake Compact will serve as our guiding expectations for our own behavior and the behavior of others.

Those who do not comply with our protocols will receive follow-up communication regarding our expectations. If there is a continued disregard of a University directive, the student will be charged with Disorderly Conduct through the Code of Student Conduct and will be unable to remain on campus for the remainder of the semester, thereby jeopardizing their ability to stay enrolled in coursework. In cases of severe or pervasive disregard to the Drake Compact and University policies, students will be placed on Interim Administrative Leave.

Will students have access to study in campus libraries?

Yes. Students will be permitted to study in campus libraries and must adhere to social distancing, wear a face covering, and refrain from moving furniture. Failure to abide by these protocols will result in the student being removed from the library.

Does the Code of Student Conduct apply to COVID-19 requirements?

Yes. If a student disregards University requirements related to our expectations surrounding on-campus COVID-19-related protocols, they can be charged with Disorderly Conduct through the Code of Student Conduct. Sanctions may include a University reprimand, removal from on-campus housing, being trespassed from campus property for a specified period of time, placement on non-academic probation, suspension, and/or expulsion.

Does the Code of Student Conduct apply to student actions that occur off campus?

Yes. The Code of Student Conduct, under Section II.A, states, “Non-academic misconduct by students or student organizations constitutes a violation of this Code. The University’s disciplinary jurisdiction can extend to conduct on and off campus.”

Will student organizations be allowed to program on campus during the Spring 2021 semester?

Yes. Participants must follow social distancing guidelines and wear a face covering. All students, faculty, staff, and visitors will be expected to abide by these directives. Upon scheduling an event, the organization will have to share how they plan to enforce these policies through their VEMS request.

Will there be capacity limits for on-campus programming during the Spring 2021 semester?

Yes. All indoor spaces must not reach more than 50% of normal capacity. Please consult with the Office of Conference and Event Services to confirm room occupancy. For outdoor events, there are currently no capacity limits as long as social distancing guidelines are observed.

Will student organizations, teams, or groups of students affiliated with Drake need to complete additional paperwork to host an on-campus and/or off-campus event?

No. All questions and information will be included in the VEMS request for space or other paperwork currently in place.

Will Fraternity and Sorority Life organizations be able to host off-campus social functions and events at their chapter houses or banquet/restaurant facilities, including satellite locations this spring?

Out of an abundance of caution, Fraternity and Sorority Life will enact a social moratorium for all events during the Spring 2021 semester. Under the social moratorium, social activities are prohibited, including registered socials. Chapters and/or their members that violate the social moratorium will face significant consequences such as Interim Administrative Leave.

Individual students who host such parties or non-approved events will be charged under the Code of Student Conduct and must follow the University’s quarantine protocols outlined in the Quarantine and Isolation FAQ.

Please note Fraternity and Sorority Life student leadership has created and approved their own set of guidelines that reinforces a social moratorium.

Will the social moratorium apply to non-Greek student organizations, including academic and athletic teams and groups?

Yes. All student organizations, academic groups, and athletic teams must abide by the social moratorium for the Spring 2021 semester. Organizations and students that violate the social moratorium will face significant consequences such as an Interim Administrative Leave.  Individual students who host parties and socials will be charged under the Code of Student Conduct.

If I am a residential student and attend an off-campus social hosted by students or visit an off-campus establishment such as a bar without adhering to social distancing and/or face coverings, will I be able to remain in my residence hall during the two weeks I need to quarantine?

At a minimum, students must quarantine and complete courses virtually during that time. Each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis with the assistance of the COVID-19 Behavioral Intervention Team (CBIT) and the Dean of Students Office.

If I live in an off-campus apartment, theme-based house, or fraternity or sorority chapter house and an occupant tests positive, will this impact all occupants from coming onto campus?

Yes. If an occupant you live with tests positive within your off-campus residence, all occupants must remain off-campus to mitigate spread of COVID-19 based on CDC and our Contact Tracing Team’s guidance. Students will be able to complete their coursework via virtual learning until all students in that house or apartment are cleared to return to campus by Environmental Health and Safety.

If a residential student tests positive in a residence hall, would the entire floor or building have to quarantine for a minimum of two weeks?

No. Unlike off-campus properties, Drake University is responsible for the regular sanitization and disinfection of residence halls, community restrooms, and common spaces. As such, decisions regarding the need to quarantine additional students due to potential exposure will be determined through contact tracing.

Questions? Contact us with any COVID-19 questions.