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COVID-19 Testing FAQ's

Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions about campus COVID-19 Testing.

What is the process for students, faculty, and staff to obtain a free COVID-19 test?

Free test kits are available at the Student Services Center in the Olmsted Center. 

Who do I contact if I test positive?

Students who test positive for COVID-19 should immediately complete this form.

Employees who test positive for COVID-19 should let their manager know and complete this form.

Is the University conducting surveillance or random sample testing for COVID-19 during the semester?

Drake will not be conducting routine surveillance testing at this time. 

What off-campus COVID-19 test locations are available in the Des Moines area, including for individuals not currently experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19?

The following test locations are available to those who decide to obtain a test for COVID-19 off-campus:

  • Your personal health care provider
  • Test Iowa: Register for a free test at
  • Other test locations can be found here

If I am a student who resides off campus and test positive, or someone living in my house or apartment tests positive, will the University provide on-campus or off-campus isolation housing?

No. The residence hall and campus properties designated for this purpose will only be made available to on-campus residential students who need to isolate.

Will parents be notified if their student tests positive for COVID-19?

Due to restrictions imposed by HIPPA, if a student is 18 or older, only the student will be notified and it is up to the student to determine if their parent(s) are notified.

Should students isolate while awaiting test results?

Students should isolate in place while awaiting test results.