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Get your COVID-19 vaccine Submit proof of vaccination

First and foremost, we have a responsibility to our own health and wellbeing. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19—just like we were vaccinated against measles and polio—is an important part of that responsibility. While some of us may be less susceptible to COVID-19's most severe symptoms, we're not immune. The vaccines are highly effective and readily available. Get one.

Beyond our responsibility to ourselves, we have a responsibility to our Drake community. It's on each of us to keep our community safe and healthy. Our fellow students, faculty and staff, our roommates, or Greek brothers and sisters, our teammates ... we each have to do our part to protect each other and ensure that, come fall, we can all return to a full Drake experience.

Drake is bigger than the few square blocks in Des Moines that we call home. Drake students and faculty are recognized leaders in a broad range of fields across the country and around the world. As current and future leaders, it's important that we set an example of responsible leadership and care that echoes out to the larger global community.

Got your vaccine? Great. Let us know. Here’s why:

Many of the University’s policy decisions, including mask and distancing requirements, hinge on the percentage of people within the University community who have been fully vaccinated. While voluntary, submitting proof of your vaccination is highly encouraged so the University can make accurate and informed decisions about safe campus operations. To put it simply, the higher our vaccination rate, the more protected the entire Drake community, and the more likely we can return to a more normal campus life.

Students: Submit proof of booster

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Students: Submit proof of vaccination

Faculty/Staff: Submit proof of vaccination

Please note, those who have previously submitted proof of their COVID-19 vaccination by emailing or to University Athletics do not need to re-submit proof of vaccination with this form. All questions may be directed to

Watch a video about doing your part, so come fall, we can all return to a full Drake experience.

Get the facts.

More than 800 million people worldwide have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine. What’s stopping you? Watch a panel discussion with Drake faculty experts Brian Gentry, associate professor of pharmacology; Carrie Koenigsfeld, professor of pharmacy practice; and Shauna Kaplan, assistant professor of biology, as they address common concerns when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines. The discussion is moderated by Nora Stelter, associate professor of pharmacy practice.

Common Concerns

Nora Stelter, associate professor of pharmacy practice, addresses six common concerns circulating about COVID-19 vaccines and clears up confusion with reliable facts.