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Student Counseling Groups

In group therapy, several individuals with similar concerns or issues meet confidentially with one or two therapists who facilitate group discussion and problem solving. Groups are subject to change and please do not hesitate to provide suggestions on groups that you would be interested in attending in the future. The Counseling Center is always open to recommendations and a survey is administered at the beginning of the year to explore group needs for the student body.

Bulldog Balance: Letting Go of Drake Busy

Purpose: Finals week can be overwhelming as you reflect on traveling, studying, and planning your winter break. In the midst of that, it is important to find time to pause, calm, and soothe. Bulldog Balance Space will be held Monday through Thursday from 1-3pm. We will be playing music, offering tools to manage your mental health, and incorporate art therapy. You can stop by our tables to chat or simply find a peaceful place to pause or study. We hope to see you there.

Location: Pomerantz Stage Area

Time: December 12th-15th, 1-3pm. 


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