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Iowa Internship License Booklet Information

When completing your Iowa intern license booklet, please remember the following:

  • A preceptor must sign off on and date each competency in the booklet.
  • Your preceptor must get the affidavit of training notarized.  The date under the preceptor's name must be the same date the Notary notarized the affidavit. The preceptor is to sign the affidavit before the Notary.  Sometimes preceptors mistakenly omit information on the affidavits.  Double check to make sure all information is included on the affidavits prior to sending their booklets to the board office.  Failure to include all information requested on the affidavits may result in the booklet being returned.
  • Any preceptor who initials a competency must be listed on an affidavit of training form.
  • Internship shall consist of a minimum of 1500 hours, 1250 hours of which is a college-based clinical program approved by the board.  The remaining 250 hours shall be acquired under the supervision of one or more preceptors in a traditional licensed general or hospital pharmacy at a rate of no more than 48 hours per week such as spring break, summer vacation, winter break, etc.
  • The rule did change and went into effect on 2/23/05 where students are now allowed to acquire credit at a rate not to exceed 10 hours per week, for an internship served concurrent with academic training.  Recognized academic holiday periods, such as spring break and Christmas break are not considered "concurrent time."

Failure to do any of the above will result in your internship booklet being returned to you. This may delay the date you will be able to sit for your Board exams.

After all internships and rotations in Iowa are completed, the booklet should be submitted.  Completed booklets need to be mailed to:

Iowa Board of Pharmacy Examiners
400 SW 8th Street, Suite E
Des Moines, IA 50309-4688

Other information:

  • You must complete the Iowa intern registration booklet and submit to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy Examiners to receive credit for hours worked in Iowa.
  • Candidates who worked and gained internship hours out of state are required to contact the Board of Pharmacy in that state and request to have those hours certified to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. This will document that the candidate registered in that state, filed their hours appropriately, and met the guidelines for internship in that state. (Note: Illinois and Florida do not file internship hours.)
  • The Iowa Board of Pharmacy will not grant credit for internship training if the affidavit of training sheet has been cut into two separate affidavits. Additional forms can be obtained by calling the Board at 515-281-5944.
  • For additional questions, please check out the Iowa Board of Pharmacy website at If further clarification is needed you may call the Iowa Board of Pharmacy at 515-281-5944 or email Becky Hall at

Other state information:

  • The Florida Board does not file internship hours, but does require you to register as interns.  If you work in Florida you will be required to send a copy of your FL intern registration to the Iowa board office when submitting your booklet and will be asked to contact the pharmacy/employer where you worked and request the pharmacy/employer to send written documentation to the Iowa board office verifying the hours and dates you worked in the pharmacy.
  • The Illinois Board does not file intern hours or have an intern program, but does require you to register as a technician. The Iowa Board does follow up to see that you are registered as a technician with IL.
  • The Wisconsin Board also does not require intern registration.  If you work in a pharmacy in WI, the WI preceptor is required to keep a log of hours and dates in the pharmacy that you work.  The Iowa board office will request that you contact their preceptor and have a copy of this document be sent to the Iowa board office.

If you work and gain internship experience out of state, you should always contact that state board of pharmacy prior to starting the internship to make sure you are following all requirements for that state board of pharmacy.


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