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Hy-Vee Digital Readiness Program with Drake University

Drake and Hy-Vee have partnered to create a cohort mentoring and professional development pipeline (the Hy-Vee Digital Readiness Program with Drake University) that will span two years of a student’s time at Drake.  During the Fall of the Junior year through the Spring of the Junior year, a select cohort of students will participate in professional development programming led by Hy-Vee staff, with an emphasis on leadership, design thinking, and career mentoring. Students will receive 1 credit at Drake for each of the two semesters. Thereafter, students will transition to designing and implementing semester-long projects in service to Hy-Vee business through part-time employment as interns in the Senior year. Students successfully completing the intern program will be encouraged to apply for full-time employment with Hy-Vee during their Senior year at Drake.

How to apply:

Submit a resume and the application material listed below to Professor Urness - by March 15, 2023. 

  1. How will this program help you reach your education and/or future goals? (5-6 sentence limit)
  2. Why might you be interested in pursuing a career at Hy-Vee in the future? (3-4 sentence limit)
  3. How do you approach solving problems as part of a team? What are your strengths and opportunities to grow when working as part of a team? (4-5 sentences)
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