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Seeing – Believing
FYS 028, CRN 3006
Ted Hatten
TR 12:30-1:45pm

This course will offer an opportunity to explore the connection between seeing and believing. Is seeing believing? Is our vision limited by what we believe? Are our beliefs limited by what we can see? What do beliefs look like? Since religion has a long history of turning to the visual arts to express its beliefs (iconophilia), and turning from representation of the divine (iconoclasm), this interdisciplinary journey will lead us to the intersection of art and religion. We will examine visual manifestations of belief through architecture, sculpture, and painting. We will consider the distinction between sacred and profane through writing assignments focused on space, objects, and time. As a First Year Seminar (FYS), this course will be writing-intensive.  It will include significant time spent on the revision of your writing.  You will have the opportunity to read your work to the class through formal and informal presentations.  This FYS will be conducted in a seminar-style format in which discussion will be the primary mode of engagement.

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