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Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness
FYS 031, CRN 7002
Bengu Erguner-Tekinalp
MW 12:30pm-1:45pm

The purpose of this course is to understand the new trend in psychology that focuses on strengths of individuals, rather than pathology or weaknesses. This course will focus on the science of happiness and well-being. Having its roots in humanistic orientation, positive psychology movement has become a new force in psychology. Positive psychology focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses, wellbeing rather than pathology and building a fulfilled meaningful life, rather than fixing the problems. In this course we will explore historical, philosophical and theoretical roots of positive psychology, and explore concepts, research behind the concepts, and interventions. The course will explore sense of belonging, gratitude, creativity, forgiveness, compassion, flow, grit, optimism, hope, satisfaction and meaning in life and other related positive psychology concepts and their applications in mental health, rehabilitation and educational institutions and organizations.

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