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Exploring the Portrayal of Mental Illness and Intellectual Disabilities in the Media
FYS 038, CRN 1916
Anisa Fornoff
TR 12:30-1:45pm

Stigmatization of mental illness and intellectual disabilities is readily apparent in the media today. This class will focus on dispelling the myths of these diagnoses and gain an understanding of the true nature of these conditions. Students will view select media and work in small groups to present information to the class regarding the diagnosis criteria and accurate presentation for the condition portrayed in the film. Student writing will focus on comparing and contrasting the differences between the media example and the factual information provided in class. The class will discuss the history of mental illness in our country, the definition of intellectual disability, and the effects of stigma. Students will also be introduced to supportive resources available both on campus and off campus. A service-learning project will be completed at Ruby Van Meter, a special education high school in Des Moines.

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