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2022 J-Term Information Fair

Drake’s J-Term offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in course topics not always available during the spring and fall terms. While many students choose to study abroad during J-Term, most students remain on campus, where they take a single course in a subject of their choosing.

Those of you who have attended the in-person J-Term Fair before know that the fair provides a lot of information about courses you can take, places you can travel and the overall processes for J-Term. We are so glad you are here!

If you had a month to study anything you wanted to, what would you choose to learn? Would you study cold war films or build a robot? Immerse yourself in literature from the mid-1800s? Learn how to be a blacksmith, or curate a museum exhibit? Maybe you’d stage an play in 30 days, or investigate avian winter ecology in a field setting.

Your J-Term, your choice.

You have the option of looking through all the course offering for J-Term prior to the survey or you can jump into the survey and it will allow you to be directed back to the courses by opening a new window for you to view.

Here’s a look at some of the courses offered on campus and abroad during J-Term.

January 2022 On-Campus Courses  

January 2022 Travel Seminars

Now that you've watch the video, taken a look at the options, we hope you are excited to learn more! Next, we ask that you take this Qualtrics Survey to indicate your preferences for J-Term 2022.

Note that you will be contacted by the Professor that is leading or instructing your J-Term with a follow-up. 


Thank you for joining us virtually for the J-Term 2022 Information Fair.

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