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Andrea Kjos

Dr. Andrea Kjos is an Assistant Professor of Social and Administrative Pharmacy in the department of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, and Administrative Sciences at Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Her involvement in various organizations includes the Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Sciences and Social and Administrative Sciences Section (part of the American Pharmacists Association and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, respectively). This has allowed her to stay abreast current topics in those areas. Her interests in research lies in looking into topics that relate to how patients and providers behave and interact with each other in the health care arena as well as looking into other social-behavior research – specifically “how behaviors and communications are influenced by outside factor such as organizations, providers, and patient level factors”. Dr. Kjos serves as a reviewer of several peer-reviewed journals, and is an editorial board member for one of those journals she reviews.

Dr. Kjos is a role model and an excellent example of someone taking innovation to the next level by not only looking into thinking creatively to help solve practical issues and further innovation, but she is educating students who are the future potential innovators, able to make a difference. Within the classroom, Dr. Kjos works closely with her students, teaches a diverse group of majors, as well as covers a variety of topics to prepare her students to have a strong foundation in their knowledge. She believes that “DELTA Rx has created a culture where students, faculty, alumni, and providers can come together to exchange ideas in a critical but non-threatening environment”. More impressively, she has succeeded in creating this type of environment within the classroom.

Dr. Kjos believes that evaluating innovation is essential because “it would seem that those who eventually find success with innovations didn’t get there on their first try.” She stresses that failures should be seen as successes because others can learn from those obstacles and be better equipped for success. She joined DELTA Rx because she believes that while highlighting successes are instrumental, evaluating successes and failures together are essential for moving forward. 

“Change always presents risk, but when leveraging resources to pursue opportunities the rewards can be great.” – Dr. Andrea Kjos