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Next Top Entrepreneur Competition: Fall 2018 Results

This Fall marked the 12th annual DELTA Rx Next Top Entrepreneur Competition (NTEC).  Five teams signed up this year to challenge their innovative abilities through three competitive rounds. The judges, who represented both business and healthcare fields, selected teams to move on from round to round. Each team not only utilized their skills from their various majors, but created unique ideas off of prompts that were presented to them. The goal of NTEC is for competitors to leave with a deeper conviction to communicate effectively, become adaptive problem solvers, and extend abilities as future professionals.

The Winners of this Year’s Competition are as Follows:

1st Place Presenters - Ryan Cecala (P3)

2nd Place Presenters - Breanna Moore (P1)

3rd Place Preseters - Johnny Mills, Austin Park, and Will Wright (P2s)


Thank You to the Judges Who Volunteered Each Round

Round 1: Kate Gainer, Rick Knudson, and Tom Swegle

Round 2: Deb Bishop, Sally Haack, and Robert Loch

Round 3: Mike Pursel, Timothy Johnson, and Sara Derr


Insights on the Ideas Presented During the NTEC Final

Ryan Cecala

Ryan presented on a new drug Information app in order to reduce pharmacist time looking up answers to DI questions. The target audience would be health care professionals including pharmacists. The goal of the app is to completely eliminate asking pharmacists DI questions in order that pharmacists can focus on making recommendations for patients and managing chronic diseases.

Breanna Moore

Breanna presented on an in-pharmacy cellphone messaging service. The messaging service would allow patients to text the pharmacist for quick questions and other inquiries. The service would also personalize prescription pick up messages to patients. The target audience is community pharmacies both independent and chain. The goal of the service is the expand generic text messages to patients about pick-ups and refills into something that can increase patient relationship by answering questions and reducing frustrations.

Johnny Mills, Austin Park, and Will Wright

Johnny, Austin, and Will presented on a healthcare data program to share patient data between healthcare professionals. Using artificial inteligence to protect patient data, patients can choose to share data with healthcare providers, researchers, and other users. Providers and researchers would get reimbursed for updating patient profiles and keeping patients healthy. The goal of this technology is to improve healthcare by streamlining patient data, reducing confusion when jumping between healthcare providers, and decreasing patient information hacking.

Malaz Kreiker and Jannik Schuller

Malaz and Jannik presented on a portable clinic was presented as a program aimed at hospitals to be able to connect with their patients via web and FaceTime-like features. The program would be able to hook-up with electronic devices and share day to day health data with the patient’s primary care physicians. The program would be of no cost to patients, but instead be funded by individual physician subscriptions. 


Congratulations to all the participants, judges, and DELTA Rx staff who made this year’s competition such a success!