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Next Top Entrepreneur Competition: Spring 2021 Results

This Spring marked the 14th annual DELTA Rx Next Top Entrepreneur Competition (NTEC).  The competition moved virtual this year, but remained three competitive rounds highlighting the contestants' innovative abilities. The judges, who represented both business and healthcare fields, selected teams to move on from round to round. Each team not only utilized their skills from their various majors, but created unique ideas off of prompts that were presented to them. The goal of NTEC is for competitors to leave with a deeper conviction to communicate effectively, become adaptive problem solvers, and extend abilities as future professionals.


The Winners of this Year’s Competition are as Follows:

1st Place Presenters - Caroline Jones and Isabelle Tharp (P3s) 

2nd Place Presenters - Breanna Moore (P3)

3rd Place Preseters - MacKenzie Challoner, Edie Schwickerath, and Darshika Desai (P3s)


Thank You to the Judges Who Volunteered Each Round

Round 1: Brian Isetts, Deb Bishop, and Troy Trygstad

Round 2: Jennifer Brockman, Anthony Pudlo, Jacob Schnackenberg, and Sharmi Patel

Round 3: Neel Patel, Scott Morrett, Timothy Johnson, and Mike Pursel


NTEC Finalists Winning Ideas:

Caroline Jones and Isabelle Tharp

"We presented on an innovative pharmacist-led holistic consulting service called, "Whole Body Whole Mind". The mission of this company is to provide holistic services for patients with chronic and mental health conditions and address those conditions through medication management, physical and emotional well-being in the convenience of one location. The goal of a service like this is to ease the burden of managing chronic and mental health conditions. This would be an interprofessional effort by incorporating contracted employees that would include a personal trainer, counselor, yoga/meditation instructor, and a nutritionist in addition to two pharmacists. Coordinating care in one location with all these health and wellness providers would allow patients to improve their diet, exercise, and wellness habits all contributing to an improvement in their overall health outcomes."

Breanna Moore

"My business venture idea was to create a mask that helps combat maskne. Nothing is worse than moving around all day, giving shots, smelling your own breath, and having a constant layer of sweat and oil on your face underneath your mask. 

My innovation, No More Maskne Masks (NMM Masks) are made of disposable medical grade masks but have an additional oil absorbing layer that is infused with salicylic acid to help limit the amount of oil that is on your face and helps unclog pores aloe will also be infused into the mask to help the salicylic acid from drying out your face."

MacKenzie Challoner, Edie Schwickerath, and Darshika Desai

"The mission of Vial Vault is to provide a tangible solution for patients when dispensing medications with abuse potential. Our product is a locked, handheld medication dispenser that consists of a canister that contains medication, a number pad where the patient must enter their personal security code in order to have the medication dispensed, a button to push for when a dose of the medication is due, and a dial that displays the number of pills remaining in the vial. Once dispensing occurs, an internal timer is set so that the patient is unable to dispense another pill until the minimum dosing interval is reached.

Our team created Vial Vault as a solution to the current opioid crisis, which takes nearly 50,000 lives every year in the United States. As PharmD./M.B.A. Candidates, the DeltaRx Next Top Entrepreneur Competition pushed us to utilize both our pharmacy and business knowledge to create an innovative health care proposal. We would highly recommend anyone interested in this competition to participate!"


Thank you to all the participants, judges, and DELTA Rx faculty for making the competition a success!

Next Top Entrepreneur Competition winners