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Flight Program

Flight facilitates first-year student success; to help you “take off” in your Drake experience.   You will become better acclimated to Drake University while also gaining knowledge of the resources available to you. The Flight program focuses on three areas of connection-

  • connection to fellow participants in Flight
  • connection to Drake offices, faculty, and staff
  • connection to the Des Moines community

The program explores the diversity of student experiences on Drake University’s campus, with emphasis on the experiences of students of color and on issues related to racial identity.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

What does the Flight Program entail?

The Flight Program entails a pre-Welcome Weekend experience, a First Year Seminar (FYS), and various development, support, and success programming throughout the year.

You will be provided a group leader “Co-Pilot”, an upper-division student who is selected and trained to be familiar with Drake’s resources while also serving as a mentor to you and your Flight class.

Some topics that will be covered and activities that you will assist you in your transition from High School to college include:

  • academic and student involvement opportunities,
  • connection to academic advising,
  • learning the financial aid system,
  • exploring the Des Moines area,
  • introductions to successful and prominent Des Moines community alumni and supporters

Ultimately, Flight creates a network of friends and support. The program is free and all meals will be provided during the pre-Welcome Weekend experience. You will also have the opportunity to move in early.

Every member of Flight will be enrolled in a First Year Seminar. A huge benefit of being enrolled in this FYS together will be to develop a long-term base of support by living and learning together your first semester at Drake with other Flight members.

When does the Flight Program begin?

Flight students will move to campus the day before the rest of campus moves in. Following the Flight program, you will join in with the Welcome Weekend activities.

When is the deadline? How do I sign-up?

You must sign-up by our deadline of Friday, May 29. You can sign up via your email invitation.

What do students have to say about Flight?

"The flight program gave me a community I didn't realize I needed. I am proud of who I am and where I come from and flight helped me get to that point. I have a community of people who want POC to succeed."

"(Flight) allows first-year students to become connected to people who have already experienced Drake and can guide them through the transition from high school and home life to college life."

"The Flight Program has easily been the most memorable part of my first year at Drake. I believe The Flight Program has impacted me more than any other part of college."

"The Flight program, as well as those who were a part of it, have impacted my first year at college tremendously."

"Well, first off I appreciate the Flight program so much and the bonds it helped create for all of us in it. We came here as strangers but left as friends, and now we are best friends."

"Honestly I'm so grateful for being able to be a part of Flight.  I still keep in touch with everyone, and I really believe it created a family for me at Drake that I can always rely on. Also, I was extremely worried about how culture shocked I would be when I came here... but starting off with Flight really just helped make the process so much more smooth and comfortable for me."

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