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Faculty Resources

These resources and documents are designed to help you develop and design courses for online instruction.

These are resources that our instructional designers use to assist faculty.  Cowles Library also has Effective Online Teaching: Foundations and Strategies for Student Success by Tina Stavredes in both hard copy and e-book.


To request assistance from one of our Instructional Technologists please use this link



Online Course Delivery and Facilitation Skills

OSCQR Course Design Review

Great example of a Course Review scorecard available from the Online Learning Consortium via SUNY OSCQR and Creative Commons Licensing.  This is one way to review your online course for content and pedagogical use.


Fostering Engagement: Facilitating Online Courses in Higher Education

From University of Waterloo, Canada, this is an excellent resource providing practical online facilitation skills and strategies that are relevant, effective, and authentic.

How to Be a Better Online Teacher: Advice Guide

Setting Up a Course

Add a Textbook Search for your textbook in Blackboard to load a thumbnail image and pertinent details.

Adding New Items to Returning Courses This is specific to courses developed for Drake Online. 

Course Map  A course map, also referred to as a design or planning document, helps the instructor map out a course before building it in Blackboard.  This pre-work provides a framework for designing the course with a focus on how the course components align. 

Examples of Course Map

Course Development Timeline (based on a 16-week cycle)
This document provides key milestones for creating a course for Drake University Online Programs based on a 16-week development cycle for Online Programs. This is intended to be a guide.   

Learning Technology Resources 
A list of commonly used technology for teaching and learning from Information Technology Services.

Services and Resources from Cowles Library
Cowles Library presents several ways to include readings, videos, recordings, photographs, etc. from Cowles Library in the Blackboard page for your online class.

Getting Organized

Tips for organizing documents used in your course. A little work upfront saves time. 

Upload Files to the Content Collection Getting started with the Content Collection. 

Maintain the Content Collection Tips for cleaning up loose files in the Content Collection.

Update Syllabus and Schedule A one-page checklist with key information from other Content Collection tutorials.

Communicating With Students

Use Announcements  Use your Course Room or create a recurring session for virtual office hours.

Subscribe to Discussion Forum  Subscribe to any discussion forum to receive alerts of new activity, especially a Q&A Forum.


Re-Offering a Course

Returning Courses Instructor Notes A User-friendly checklist for preparing your course for a repeat offering.  

Using Assignments

Create and Edit Due Dates How to change dates for assignments.

Using Discussion Forums

Create and Edit Due Dates  How to change dates for discussions.

Grade Discussions with Rubric  'Collect' posts to read as a conversation.  If applicable, grade afficiently with a rubric.

Create a Panopto Folder  This is required if students will record videos for the course.

Using Tests and Quizzes

Create a Test

Choose Test Options  A reference guide with screenshots and descriptions.  The last page includes a checklist.

Use the Test Options Checklist A two-page checklist for quick reference.

Create and Edit Due Dates  How to change dates for tests.

Using the Grade Center

Grade Discussions with Rubric  'Collect' posts to read as a conversation.  If applicable grade efficiently with a rubric.

Submit Final Grades  Submit Grades from Blackboard to Banner using Grades Journey.

Using Groups

Using Groups  Create a Group Set and enable tools for group members.  Link to a Group Set in your course.  Add content to a Group Discussion Board.

Managing Dates

Availability Dates and Adaptive Release

Create and Edit Due Dates How to change dates for assignments, tests, discussions, and other course tools.

Using Video In Your Course

Best Practices for Making Videos Refer to this one-page summary of best practices to consider when making videos, particularly mini lectures.

Configure Panopto  If you are going to record micro-lectures, presentations, demonstrations, or other recordings, start by configuring Panopto.

Use HotKeys in Panopto  If you are recording with one screen, HotKeys help you avoid sharing a tunnel of repeated screens.

Link to Video You Recorded Add a recording you created to your course.

Using Panopto to Create or Share a Recording Use to instruct students how to share a recording they created.

Convert a Voiceover  

Add a YouTube Video

Ultra Based Navigation and Transition to Ultra

Using Videoconferencing In Your Course


Best Practices Audio & Video Trouble Shooting

Video Conferencing Comparison Chart


NEW ONE-TIME STEP: If you have not logged into Zoom with your Drake credentials, sign in here with your Drake credentials now. This will create your account. You only need to do this one time.  

After your account has been created, then you can use Zoom licensed through Drake University. 

Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom Knowledge Base Collection

Zoom Training Center

Uploading videos to Panopto

Trouble with Zoom? Report Zoom Issue


Getting Started with Collaborate

(Students) Use Collaborate Ultra in a Small Group  - Link to this student tutorial if you want small groups of students to meet virtually using Collaborate Ultra. As a reminder, this tutorial applies if you use the Groups tool and give groups access to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra with the option to “Allow all group members to create and access session recordings."


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