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Sabbatical Research Fellowships 2019-2020


The Office of the Provost is pleased to announce calls for proposals for Sabbatical Research Fellowship awards. This program is designed to advance scholarship among faculty soon to seek promotion to the rank of Associate or Full Professor. Up to six Fellowships of $3,000 or $4,000 will be awarded to faculty at the Assistant or Associate Professor rank to be used either to support the cost of conducting advanced research ($3,000) or as direct stipendiary support during their sabbatical year or semester ($4,000) in order to enable those faculty to carry out and publish[1] creative activity or research whose successful completion will contribute to their candidacy for promotion.

The following guidelines govern these awards:

  • Eligible faculty include those who will have attained at least their fourth year at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor during the year of the award. While Assistant Professors are eligible only for a half-year sabbatical, Associate Professors may apply for the award for use during either a half- or full-year sabbatical.
  • Faculty applying for these Fellowships must have been approved for a full-year or half-year sabbatical for the next academic year by their Deans by the time of the application.
  • Applicants must demonstrate an ongoing record of teaching excellence, institutional leadership and service, and research or creative activity appropriate to their years at rank and indicative of viability for candidacy for promotion in the near future.
  • Applicants must articulate their commitment to presenting their credentials for promotion soon after their sabbatical year.
    • Assistant Professors will be expected to seek promotion according to the timeline laid out by their college or school promotion and tenure guidelines.
    • Associate Professors will be expected to seek promotion at the beginning of the third academic year following the completion of their sabbaticals at the latest. Sabbatical Research Fellowships are not available to faculty during the year of their promotion review.
  • Awards taken as stipendiary support will be paid in equal installments during the sabbatical year. Awards taken as research support grants will become available for use on July 1st of the sabbatical year.
  • The awarding of a Sabbatical Research Fellowship does not prevent recipients from seeking and accepting other forms of research support, either internal or external, except the Drake Research Grant. (Applicants may apply for both the Sabbatical Research Fellowship and the DRG, but may be awarded only one).

Application Process:

Upon the Dean’s approval of the sabbatical request, eligible faculty can apply by providing the following materials to their Dean, later to be forwarded to the Associate Provost to share with the Faculty Development Advisory Committee.

  • The completed Sabbatical application.
  • An explicit statement of which kind of support the applicant is seeking: Stipendiary or Direct Research support.
  • A brief (750 word) statement of application, outlining qualifications and detailing plans for research or creative activity in the sabbatical year. Special attention should be paid to the likely contribution the completion of this research program will make to the applicant’s candidacy for promotion. Applicants are strongly encouraged to include external reviews of their published work, either as published reviews and review essays or solicited directly from experts in their research areas.
  • A one paragraph synopsis of the proposed research project summarizing its goals and potential benefits written for an audience of non-specialists in the field of the applicant.
  • Letters sent directly from the applicant’s Department Chair to their Dean attesting to the following:
    • The applicant’s ongoing excellence as a teacher, researcher, and institutional citizen. For Assistant Professors, this includes the successful completion of the Departmental reviews with little or no reservations expressed concerning teaching effectiveness.
    • The likelihood of the applicant’s successfully completing and publishing the planned research or creative activity.
    • The viability of the applicant’s record for candidacy for promotion within the specified timeframe.
    • Note: Such statements will not be taken as an endorsement of the candidate’s future promotion or as a guarantee that the Dean or Department will support the faculty member’s future candidacy for promotion. These statements are intended to demonstrate that the applicant’s record, as it currently stands, is in line with Departmental and College expectations for the performance of faculty at this stage in their planned progress toward candidacy.
  • Completed applications, including Department Chairs’ statements, are due to the applicant’s Dean by Friday, February 1, 2019.
  • Deans will provide their statements attesting to their perspective on how well they think the candidate meets the above criteria, as well as the packet of material provided by the nominee electronically to the Associate Provost (, by Monday, February 11, 2019.

[1] Throughout this document, the terms “publish” and “publication” refer to peer-reviewed, broad dissemination of the results of research or creative activity appropriate to the disciplines within which this activity is carried out. They do not refer exclusively to printed publication. However, they do not include conference presentations or works whose production and dissemination are not subject to critical scrutiny by experts in the field.

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