Environmental Science & Sustainability

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Danielle Wirth

Adjunct Professor of Environmental Science and Sustainability
Office Location: 208 Olin Hall

As a former federal park ranger and environmental education specialist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Danielle Wirth now teaches Earth-oriented classes at Drake, Iowa State University, and the Des Moines Area Community College (Urban and Boone campus sites).

Her academic interest and research areas include: organic food standards and local food security; pesticide impact on human health and environmental quality; restoration of native plant communities; environmental ethics and environmental economics.

She shares a secluded hand-built cabin with her husband Don and college-aged son Max (hardly ever see the kid anymore) and 3 cats, 2 dogs, 3 horses and many native wildlife species that live on the restored savanna surrounding the cabin. As time permits, Danielle enjoys: hiking, kayaking, herbal medicine research and preparation, writing (especially op-ed commentary for the local newspapers).

Wirth received her Ph.D. in Environmental Ethics from Iowa State University, a Masters in Natural Resource Management from Slippery Rock University, and a B.S. from Penn State.

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