Entrepreneurial Management

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Major in Entrepreneurial Management

The Entrepreneurial Management major is designed for CBPA students who are interested in starting and growing a business or social enterprise. Additionally, when combined with another business major, this program will help you develop an entrepreneurial perspective relevant to any firm or business field.

The major requires 25 credits. Entrepreneurial Management majors being their business core and take an entrepreneurship seminar in their first year. Additional courses in the major will begin with the sophomore year. This is a cross-disciplinary major. Beyond entrepreneurship courses and the business core, students take relevant courses in management and marketing. Six elective credits determined in consultation with your adviser complement your specific area of entrepreneurial endeavor. The major is capped with an entrepreneurship course, Creating a Company, taken in the senior year.

Joint Major

The joint major combines Entrepreneurial Management with another course in the College of Business and Public Administration. It is designed to complement another major. Joint major students take 12 credits within entrepreneurship, as well as six hours in consultation with their adviser and approved by the entrepreneurship faculty.

Minor in Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship minor will be particularly applicable to students outside of the CBPA who have an entrepreneurial interest. You will learn the process for new product or service concept generation, feasibility analysis, and implementation, and gain understanding in the leadership and management qualities of entrepreneurs. The minor is restricted to non-business students and requires 19 hours for completion. This is a cross-disciplinary minor drawing from Accounting and Entrepreneurship, with six hours selected by the student in consultation with his or her adviser and approved by the entrepreneurship faculty.

Concentration in Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship concentration is a 10 -credit option consisting of solely entrepreneurship courses and is open to all students across campus. This sequence will be particularly beneficial to any student interested in starting an entrepreneurial endeavor.