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Ad Hoc Committee to Examine Strategic Curricular Concerns Raised within the Senate Budget Committee

This ad hoc committee will examine strategic curricular concerns (including but not limited to JTerm, Summer and Independent Studies) raised within the Senate Budget Committee. A) The Senate Executive Committee will staff and charge Summary of the 2018-2019 Faculty Senate Motions the Ad Hoc Committee no later than April 15, 2019. B) Membership of the committee will be broad-based, inclusive of all academic units that are impacted by decision-making regarding J-Term, Summer courses, and Independent Studies, as well as members of the Senate Budget Committee. C) The ad hoc committee will be empowered to seek and rely upon administrative and research support and information from the Office of the Provost, as well as the offices of the Deans in the several colleges and schools. An initial report will be due to the Senate Executive Committee by November 15, 2019.


Renee Cramer A&S Chair
Tonia Land SOE  
Stephen Gara CBPA  
Inchul Suh CBPA  
Matt Bruindkool SOE  
Maria Bohorquez A&S  
Natalie Bayer A&S  
Dan Chibnall Cowles Libarary  
Jennifer McCrickerd A&S  
Ginelle Bryan CPHS  

Note: All full Faculty Senate meetings will be located in Cowles Library, Room 201.

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