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Admission, Retention, & Financial Aid Committee

The Committee reviews the admissions and financial aid policies and practices of the University.

It shall recommend change in these policies and practices when, in the Committee’s judgment, such change is appropriate. Additionally, the committee will collaborate with administration in developing and assessing University-wide retention strategies. The Committee will deliver a report on admission yield, discount rate, and annual retention data to Senate during the Fall semester of each academic year.

The committee’s broad-based membership shall consist of six members of the Faculty of Instruction appointed to two-year terms, three students appointed by the Student Senate, the Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid, the Director of Admission, the Director of Student Financial Planning, Associate Provost for Academic Excellence & Student Success, the Dean of Students, and one member representing the Council of Associate/Assistant Deans. The Chair is appointed by the Executive Committee from among the faculty members.  (revised October 2014)


Name Unit Term of Service Position
Kelly Bruhn SJMC  May 2020  
Nate Newman CPHS  May 2020 Chair, 2019-2020
Olga Lazarea A&S  May 2021  
Terrance Pendleton A&S  May 2021  
Wade Leuwerke SOE  May 2020  
Royce Fichtner CBPA  May 2021  
Maggie Golshani Student    
Alyssa Brouillet Student    
Genesis Buckhalton Student    
Jerry Parker Dean of Students    
Melissa Sturm-Smith Associate Provost    
Ryan Zantingh Director of Financial Aid    
Anne Kremer Dean of Admission    
Joe Campos  CAAD representative May 2021  

Note: All full Faculty Senate meetings will be located in Cowles Library, Room 201.

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